PurCard Reimbursement Process Update

ABSC Customer Communication

Effective with the 7/25 PurCard cycle, the following process will be implemented for all ABSC stakeholders:

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9- and 10-month Faculty Salary Payment Schedule Election Form

The 409A Deferred Compensation Election/Change form which allows 9- and 10-month faculty to elect to receive their salary over 12 months, or to change back to the original term of appointment, is available now through August 25.

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Reminder: cell phone reimbursement schedule

A reminder that cell phone allowances are being paid over 2 payroll cycles, not one payroll cycle, as they have been in the past. Starting 7/1/19 the allowance remains $35 per month, which will be divided equally and paid over two paychecks at $17.50 each.

Questions should be sent to payroll@uvm.edu

Thank you,

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