The Division of Finance shares financial information about the University of Vermont through a variety of publications and reports.

UVM Financial Statements

The annual financial statements of the University of Vermont and State Agricultural College are official documents prepared in accordance with U.S. generally accepted accounting principles set forth for public colleges and universities by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board. The management of the University is responsible for the integrity and objectivity of these financial statements, which are accessible to all.


UVM Detailed Operating Budget (Budget Book)

The University of Vermont Operating Budget provides a summary of UVM’s Total Budget and provides details on UVM’s unrestricted operating budget :the General Fund and Income/Expense activities.


UVM Sourcebook

The Sourcebook is a collection of demographic and financial information. It is designed as a reference book for those who wish to know more about the numbers and trends that describe the University's size, costs, resources, and constituent groups.


Division of Finance FY19 Year-in-Review

This annual review highlights some of the Division of Finance's work and accomplishments in fiscal/academic year 2019.

Reports & Presentations