UVM principal investigators and/or study coordinators wishing to compensate research study subjects for their participation have three payment options:

  1. Focus Blue or Rewards Card (preferred method)
  2. Check request
  3. Petty cash account for subject costs
  4. Gift cards purchased with a UVM PurCard (or check request or petty cash)
  5. Non-cash items purchased via PurCard (or check request or petty cash)

All necessary participant information must be collected on the Payment Acknowledgement Form (PDF) that accompanies a Check Request, Petty Cash Replenishment, or Petty Cash Closeout form. Please refer to the Research Participant Tax Reporting Guidelines for more information.

Departments/projects needing to pay more than 15 subjects on a check request should contact the Disbursement Center to arrange a spreadsheet upload into PeopleSoft instead of entering the payments separately.