As UVM begins to resume business operations, we would like to take a moment to share a process already in place to ensure your safety on campus that requires all external suppliers, vendors, consultants, and contractors (suppliers/contractors) to adhere to strict safety standards.

We are reaching out to current suppliers/contractors who may make product deliveries or provide services (such as preventative/scheduled maintenance or repairs, equipment installations, planned construction projects, or emergency services) to UVM or its facilities.

  1. UVM is requiring suppliers/contractors to execute an Acknowledgement of COVID-19 Compliance form (PDF) in order to allow their companies to schedule deliveries or perform services at UVM facilities/properties.
  2. Out-of-state suppliers/contractors may also need the Work Authorization Statement to be completed to verify the work they are performing meets the requirements of the State of Vermont.
  3. The University is requiring that suppliers/contractors who will be performing work on UVM grounds or in a UVM facility complete the State of Vermont VOSHA training prior to their arrival on campus.
  4. All individuals on UVM campuses, including suppliers/contractors and delivery people, must abide by UVM COVID-19 protections including wearing a face covering, maintaining physical distance, practicing respiratory etiquette, practicing hand hygiene, and staying away if ill or symptomatic.

A supplier/contractor will not be allowed onto the UVM campus or into its buildings/ facilities, including any off-campus facilities, unless an acknowledgement form has been duly signed and returned to UVM in advance of a scheduled visit.

Suppliers and departments should arrange a scheduled time to be on campus where both parties are available to meet and the supplier is escorted by the department in and out of the UVM facility.

Also please be aware group meetings or sales meetings with personnel from non-contracted or UVM contracted suppliers must be conducted via tele/video conference rather than in person at this time. 

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding of keeping UVM campus as safe as possible.

Kind Regards,

Claire Burlingham, University Controller
Francis Churchill, Risk Management and Safety
Natalie Guillette, Purchasing Services

Procedural Steps

Verify if a supplier is compliant (Excel) with UVM's COVID requirements.

If the supplier is not listed, obtain a blank acknowledgement form (PDF) and follow these procedural steps:

  1. UVM Originating Department Contact (UODC) identifies a need for a service that can only be performed by an external supplier/contractor (this includes vendors and consultants, as well)
  2. UODC, in conjunction with the unit safety officer determines if the visit fits the definition of “essential travel” in place at the time. If the visit is considered “essential” to perform work for businesses that are currently allowed to operate, UODC/safety officer will confirm that the product/service is essential for the continued operation or for the overall health and safety of the campus and its community.
  3. Supplier/contractor is identified, contacted, and asked to complete the COVID Compliance Acknowledgement Form and any required training. If this is an “out of state” supplier/contractor, UODC will need to complete the Work Authorization section of the form.
  4. Supplier/contractor returns the completed/signed form to the UODC and, if applicable, the training certificate.
  5. Form/certificate is sent to Purchasing Services to be added to the overall UVM Supplier List, and UODC will store a copy locally within home college/division.
  6. Site visit scheduled.
  7. Supplier/contractor is escorted in and out of UVM facility by UODC.