To do our part in keeping our campus safe and healthy, we will have limited hours on campus by appointment only until further notice.

We are committed to providing our partners with the same excellent service you’ve come to expect, and are available through email, phone or Microsoft Teams.
If you need to schedule an in-person appointment, please email or call 802-656-6610 in advance to set up day/time.
Thank you!

New Speaker Engagement Letter for Virtual Events 10/26/20

Available Now - A new Virtual Speaker Engagement Letter template (Word) for virtual events. This new Letter must be used for all remote speakers using a virtual platform, regardless of dollar amount (including if no honorarium will be paid). Approval for the event’s virtual format is required from Purchasing’s IT/ADA Contract Analyst prior to sending the new Letter to the speaker. A pdf copy of this approval email must be attached to all requisitions and/or check requests for virtual speakers. Please review the updated requirements for this Letter (PDF).

New copier contract 10/22/20

Purchasing Services is pleased to announce that UVM’s new supplier for multi-function devices (Copiers) is Kyocera Document Solutions New England (KDS). While KDS may be new to UVM, we’ve had Kyocera copiers on campus previously and they will be familiar to many of you.

Mike Niebur, Branch Manager Vermont for KDS will begin contacting departments who have leases with SymQuest that have expired since April. The process for ordering copiers will be similar to what it has been in the past although, please be aware of the following changes:

  • We ask departments to reassess their true printing needs based on recent changes of working remotely with digital/electronic capabilities, and not having access to a copier. Do you need more than a basic copier?
  • Please evaluate whether your department can achieve savings by consolidating copiers within your unit or with another department.
  • Purchasing Services will be reviewing and signing all quotes before orders are placed.
  • A purchase order will be issued to US Bank for the equipment lease amount only.
  • Kyocera will bill for actual image usage monthly directly to Disbursement Center

Please note – SymQuest will continue to provide service for the existing copiers on campus until the lease term expires and the equipment is returned.

If you have any questions, please direct them to the attention of Deb Harvey.

COVID Compliance for Essential Suppliers and Contractors 8/14/20

As UVM begins to resume business operations, please review our process that requires all suppliers, vendors, consultants, and contractors (suppliers/contractors) to adhere to strict safety standards while on campus. This process includes acknowledgement of completed required training, and following current UVM and state COVID-19 protection protocol. Over 300 suppliers/contractors are currently compliant.

A supplier/contractor will not be allowed onto the UVM campus or into its buildings/ facilities, including any off-campus facilities, unless an acknowledgement form has been duly signed and returned to UVM in advance of a scheduled visit.

Important information for our campus suppliers

As you may know, the University of Vermont is limiting student and business functions by decreasing individuals allowed on campus. As such, the procure-to-pay essential functions are being maintained by a reduced staff. Our response time to supplier requests and inquiries may increase during this timeframe and we thank you for your patience in advance. More information here:

If you have a scheduled delivery, product installation, or a regular maintenance service call on campus, please be sure to contact the originating department in advance to confirm someone will be available and the office building will be accessible. As stated previously there are simple steps you can take to help us get your payments to you:
  • In order to ensure your payment during this time, we ask all of our suppliers to engage in invoicing the University electronically, by sending PDFs directly to the Disbursement Center Accounts Payable team at If you currently send paper invoices to individual departments, we ask you to remit PDF versions to those departments for processing.
  • Signing up for an ACH payment (Word) will ensure you receive payments from the University if you electronically send us your invoices as well. This form should be sent to the Disbursement Center via secure file transfer to

For those suppliers who are not signed up for ACH payments and are invoicing us electronically and would like to receive a paper check  as form of payment, please be advised there will be a delay in producing and mailing paper checks until the University returns to normal operations.

The Purchasing & Contracts and Disbursement Center/Accounts Payable web pages will provide regular updates on any service impacts to UVM’s suppliers.


UVM's purchase order process is administered by the Purchasing Services department within University Financial Services (UFS). Purchasing Services is responsible for establishing, providing oversight of, and ensuring compliance with all University procurement requirements. The Purchasing team helps faculty and staff identify, select, and acquire needed goods and services as economically as possible. All University personnel are required to follow University purchasing and procurement policies and procedures to ensure that quality and service standards are met and to provide accountability of University expenditures.

Other Purchasing News

How to keep frequently touched areas like multi-function printers (MFP) units clean and safe

(recommendations from SymQuest)

To clean MFP touch screens:

  • Don’t use bleach, harsh cleaning chemicals or sprays that can damage the screen and protective coating. Alcohol that is a minimum of 70% isopropyl is recommended, or sanitizing wipes. If using alcohol from a container, apply to a clean paper towel or cleaning cloth first.
  • Gently wipe the display and exterior surfaces using care to avoid getting any moisture in any openings. Wipe exterior covers and any covers that can be opened, cleaning around those grab areas or handles, i.e., paper trays, front door, side doors, document feeder covers.
  • Gently dry the device with a soft cloth, ensuring any extra moisture is removed.

SymQuest Group field support representatives will be using healthy habits when working in your work environment, which includes, washing frequently, staying away if they don’t feel well, checking to make sure you want them onsite to repair your equipment and cleaning touch screens before and after they leave from a service call.
See more tips from SymQuest.

Home Delivery of Staples Orders 04/08/20

UVM is allowing home delivery of required supplies from Staples during Vermont's “Stay Home, Stay Safe” period. To set up a home delivery address, department Purcard holders should email requests to Cindy Kinney at Staples with the home addresses needed under the department account. Each ship-to address needs to be a separate order. Orders of $50.00 and up will receive an instant 14% discount upon checkout. Small orders $20.00-$49.99 can be placed with no additional fee (or discount). Shipping on all orders is free.


All orders shipped to a home address will be reviewed and approved by Purchasing Services. Questions should be directed to Marie Bouffard.

Please remember that Staples is the University’s mandated office supplies provider.



Whom to Contact with Questions

If you have questions about the following transactions/processes, please contact the applicable department.

Email Purchasing Services for...


Contact Purchasing Services
205 Waterman
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