UVM's purchase order process is administered by the Purchasing Services department within University Financial Services (UFS). Purchasing Services is responsible for establishing, providing oversight of, and ensuring compliance with all University procurement requirements. The Purchasing team helps faculty and staff identify, select, and acquire needed goods and services as economically as possible. All University personnel are required to follow University purchasing and procurement policies and procedures to ensure that quality and service standards are met and to provide accountability of University expenditures.

Purchasing News

New Purchasing Contract Review Process Available

The new process to initiate the review of any non-IT contracts in now available through our Footprints system. Non-IT contracts are those (e.g., service agreements, quotes, estimates, proposals, terms and condition documents, etc.) that are currently sent directly to Contract Analyst Wendy Spargo or Purchasing for review. (Note that IT-contract reviews will continue to be initiated by departments through Technology Review)

Departments should begin entering their request for contract review directly into Footprints (no longer needing to send emails directly to Wendy or Purchasing). Wendy will conduct her review within Footprints. 

This process will allow more transparency across campus. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Department will receive email updates throughout the review process and will always know the status of their contract.
  2. Footprints allows other individuals in your department to be added so they receive emails with updates in the event of vacations, leave of absence, or just to be kept in the loop.
  3. Anytime additional information or documentation needs to be added to the Footprint, this can be easily done by clicking “reply” on the Footprint email. All comments and attachments will be gathered collectively and added to the Footprint.
  4. Future inquiries about a contract are easy to make. A search by supplier name will instantly find the history of the review.
  5. When necessary, if other departments (Risk Management, General Counsel, Compliance, etc.)  need to review or provide feedback, Footprints allows this to occur while maintaining all the information in one place.
  6. As a time saver, departments will no longer need to attach Wendy’s email-approval as a pdf to the requisition. Once the Footprint is complete, they will merely reference the Footprint Issue # XXX in the requisition comment section. *If you are a customer of the ABSC, please be sure to forward the Footprint # and supplier-signed contract to the ABSC in order to create the requisition.

See the step-by-step user guide (PDF) for more information.

Local Moving Services Contracts - 7/19/19

UVM has signed contracts for local moving services and storage with Action Moving & Storage and Vermont Moving & Storage. Both companies offer the lowest rates in the area for moving services, warehouse storage, and packing materials.

New Purchasing Contract Review Process now available

  • Action Moving & Storage, Carl LaRoe, 802-893-1234
  • Vermont Moving & Storage, Jennifer Morway, 802-655-6683

Airgas Supply price updates - 7/18/19

Due to changing market conditions and product availability there will be a price increase on Helium products ordered from Airgas Supply. These new prices go into effect 8/1/19. Please refer to the contracted supplier list (Excel) for the updated prices.

Vermont Tent Company Contract - 7/17/19

UVM has partnered with Vermont Tent Company as our mandated tent supplier for Chittenden County. Under this contract, Vermont Tent is extending a 12% discount on all orders. The 12% discount extends to all items purchased or rented, but excludes special orders and fees for labor, delivery, damage waivers, fuel, and permits. Contact Marie Bouffard in Purchasing Services or Mike Lubas at Vermont Tent Company.

Uniform Guidance Purchasing Requirements on Sponsored Projects

Effective July 1, 2018, all purchases between $10,001 and $25,000 directly charged or transferred to a Sponsored Project (GCA01) require a minimum of two quotes from different suppliers prior to the purchase, unless using an approved contracted supplier or the purchase is deemed a single/sole source.

If two quotes are not obtained, the charge will not be allowed on a sponsored project as a direct charge or cost transfer from other funds, and the PI's department or the Dean’s office will be responsible for covering the expense.


Whom to Contact with Questions

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