Payroll Services staff are available at the Student Services desk, Waterman 3rd floor on paydays from 9am - Noon and 1-3:30pm for paycheck pick up and simple payroll questions. Paychecks that are not picked up on payday will be mailed to home addresses on file.

We are also available by appointment. Please call or email for assistance. Thank you!

Out-of-state employees

Payroll and Tax Services needs to be notified of any paid employee (student, staff, faculty, or graduate student) doing any portion of their work for UVM outside the state of Vermont. This allows us to ensure our capabilities and compliance with payroll, unemployment, and withholding tax law. Payroll and Tax also informs Risk Management to ensure we have proper coverage for Worker’s Compensation. It is to the benefit of both the employee and the University to ensure Payroll and Tax are provided with this information before any work commences and when a work location changes.
PeopleSoft Self-Service now has the ability to notify payroll and tax electronically of work being done outside of Vermont. Once logged into PeopleSoft Human Resources, go to the UVM Employee screen and select the Payroll and Tax tile. Once there employees will see a link on the left side of the screen connecting them with the Out-of-State Form. See the User Guide (PDF) for further instructions.

Important information for Supervisors of student and work-study employees

All student and work study employees are required to sign up for direct deposit prior to working as a condition of their employment. Please note that signing up for direct deposit in Banner impacts a student account only and does not link to direct deposit in People Soft HCM. To ensure compliance with this requirement and to make it easier for students to sign up for direct deposit in People Soft HCM we would like to make you aware of some important details and changes.
  • Self-service functionality is not available in PeopleSoft until the day after an employee’s hire date. To expedite the process of initiating direct deposit for students, Payroll will email student and work study hires/rehires a paper direct deposit form. Students may sign up for direct deposit in PeopleSoft Self Service the day after their hire date OR alternatively they may return the direct deposit form via Secure File Transfer to
  • Payroll will hold in-person paper check pick-up for local and on-campus students at the Student Services desk, Waterman 3rd floor from 8am-4:30pm on September 11, 25 and October 9. This will ensure proper social distancing during the time of year when student hiring is at its peak. Students working remotely will have their first checks mailed home.
  • If direct deposit is not in place after a student’s first paycheck, the student’s time sheet will be inactivated, and the student will not be allowed to work until they have met the direct deposit requirement. Both student and supervisor will be notified via email if this action is taken and what steps to take to remedy the situation.

Your assistance in this endeavor is both appreciated and expected. This will ensure the safety of our students and staff while providing an earth-friendly financial savings to the University. If you have questions please email


The University's payroll for UVM faculty, staff, and student employees is managed and issued in compliance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations by the University Financial Services' (UFS) Payroll & Tax Services team.

We support employees in navigating the payroll process, implement and ensure the minimum wage standard within PeopleSoft, monitor time submission and approvals for non-exempt employees to ensure compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act, and process overtime and comp time exceptions accurately and timely.

Visit Tax Services for information on unrelated business income tax, payments to foreign nationals, and other tax-related topics.

New Employees

Computer Science Professor Ahmed Abdeen Hamed

Links and information to assist new employees in their onboarding process:

  • New Employee Information Site
  • Direct Deposit Information
  • Federal W-4 Form (Navigation: PeopleSoft HR>UVM Employee >Payroll & Tax>Tax Withholding) - Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate 
  • VT W-4 Form (Navigation: PeopleSoft HR>UVM Employee >Payroll & Tax>Tax Withholding) - Vermont Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate
  • I-9 Form (PDF) - Employment Eligibility Verification
  • See Current Employees section below


College of Medicine library

How do I make changes to my W-4?

Log in to the PeopleSoft Human Resources portal and navigate to UVM Employee > Payroll & Tax > Tax Withholding

When/how will I receive my W-2?

To receive your W-2 electronically, log in to the PeopleSoft Human Resources portal and navigate to UVM Employee > Payroll & Tax > W-2/W-2c Consent

How do I get a copy of my W-2 from a prior year?

If you receive your W-2s electronically, log in to the PeopleSoft Human Resources portal and navigate to UVM Employee > Payroll & Tax > W-2/W-2c > W-2 Reissue Request

How do I sign up for direct deposit?

To set up and manage your direct deposit paycheck log in to the PeopleSoft Human Resources portal and navigate to UVM Employee > Payroll & Tax > Direct Deposit.

How do I change my home address?

Log in to the PeopleSoft Human Resources portal and navigate to UVM Employee > Personal Details > Addresses



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