University Financial Services, led by the University Controller, oversees the day-to-day financial management and accounting functions of the University, and provides treasury, accounting, financial reporting, payroll, tax, purchasing, and payment services. UFS also ensures that campus financial system users comply with all University fiscal policies, procedures, and internal controls; external fiscal rules, regulations, and statutes; and generally accepted accounting principles.

Our Mission

University Financial Services ensures the fiscal integrity of the University and its assets while providing the highest quality fiscal services to our diverse and dynamic campus community, in support of academic excellence. We strive as a team to provide reliable, relevant information to our internal and external constituencies in a timely fashion, in an ethical and professional manner.

This mission will be accomplished through the prudent guidance and management of the University’s resources and services, appropriate levels of internal controls, excellence in technology and innovation, leadership, and spirited teamwork.

Our Team

Photo Name/Email Title Phone (802) Location

Claire Burlingham


University Controller 656-8356 333 Waterman
Brenda Maglaris Administrative Assistant 656-2903 333 Waterman


Cost Accounting Services - 333 Waterman

Cost Accounting Services provides primary oversight and support services for the following: effort management and reporting, University cost accounting standards (direct vs. indirect), rate development and negotiations with the federal government, the annual space and equipment inventory, and movable equipment stewardship.

Photo Name/Email Title Phone (802) Location
Michael Meunier Assistant Controller 656-1375 222E Waterman
Dawn Caffrey Senior Cost Accountant 656-1336 221T Waterman
Reiko Choiniere Data Specialist 656-1482 221S Waterman


Disbursement Center - 23 Mansfield Avenue

The Disbursement Center is responsible for payables (invoice processing, check requests, voucher entry, payment inquiries), PurCard program management, and travel and expense reimbursement.

Photo Name/Email Title Phone (802)
  Erin Fitzgerald Manager 656-1382
Susan Sobczak Disbursement Support Specialist 656-9803
Accounts Payable Team
  Lisa Keefe Accounts Payable Team Lead 656-4196
  Mary Ann Crowley Accounts Payable Specialist (Vendors A-F, W-Z) 656-1197
Carol Barrows Accounts Payable Specialist (Vendors G-O, numeric names) 656-3578
Kandi Chastaine Supplier Maintenance Specialist 656-1199
Laurie Teator Accounts Payable Specialist (Vendors P-V) 656-1384
PurCard Team
Holly LeBlanc PurCard Team Lead 656-1300
  Joanne Cheng PurCard Specialist 656-1198
Lori Laquerre PurCard Specialist 656-0885
Becky Maglaris PurCard Specialist 656-1214
Ann Naylor PurCard Specialist 656-1215
Travel & Expense Team
Tiffany Barker Cook Travel & Expense Team Lead 656-0820
John Dorris Travel & Expense Specialist 656-4368
  Mary McCollough Travel & Expense Specialist 656-0875
Kyle Wentzel Travel & Expense Specialist 656-3226


Financial Reporting & Accounting Services

Financial Reporting & Accounting Services is responsible for producing the University of Vermont’s financial statements, which present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of the University in conformity with U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). FRAS oversees the accounting and reporting for the University's investments, petty cash funds, and administers non-sponsored/non-student accounts receivables.

Photo Name/Email Title Phone (802) Location
Lindsey Donovan Assistant Controller 656-1335  222E Waterman
  Sharon Bergeron AR/Billing Specialist 656-1477 221R Waterman
  Patty Dubie Senior Staff Accountant 656-2715 333 Waterman
  Renee Hunt General Accounting Manager 656-9865 221T Waterman
  Malik Sevlic Reconciliation & Petty Cash Specialist 656-7360 221S Waterman
Marie Tiemann Endowment Accountant 656-2214 333 Waterman


Payroll & Tax Services - 237 Waterman

The Payroll Services team provides support for UVM faculty, staff, and student employees in navigating the payroll process while ensuring compliance with local, state and federal agencies’ laws and regulations. Payroll Services implements and ensures the minimum wage standard within PeopleSoft, monitors time submission and approvals for non-exempt employees to ensure FLSA compliance, and processes overtime and comp time exceptions accurately and timely.

The Tax Services team remits payroll tax withholding and prepares associated federal, state and local tax filings; manages the University’s nonresident alien tax compliance program; coordinates sales and use tax reporting; and compiles the University’s unrelated business income tax return.

Photo Name/Email Title Phone (802)
Penny Cayia Payroll & Tax Services Director 656-6600
Robin Coletta Payroll Process Specialist 656-6600
  Cara Dunn Payroll Co-Team Lead 656-6600
  Lani Isabelle Payroll Process Specialist 656-6600
Vacant Payroll Process Specialist 656-6600
  Michael Niemann Payroll Process Specialist 656-6600
Katrina Preiss Distribution Analyst 656-6600
Melanie Rodjenski Tax Administrator 656-6600
  Julia Sukhanova Tax Analyst 656-6600
  Julia Vafias Payroll Co-Team Lead 656-6600


Print & Mail Services - 118 Waterman

The Print & Mail Center at The University of Vermont is an internal service provider offering full design, printing and mailing operations that support the academic and operational mission of the institution.

Photo Name/Email Title Phone (802)
  Shane Desautels Director 656-2960
  Patricia Alberts Retail Services Team 656-2573
  Lisa Anderson Mail Services Supervisor 656-3413
  Kyle Anger Mail Services Team 656-2960
  Linda Barrows Retail Services Supervisor 656-2960
  Keith Coakley Mail Services Team 656-3385
  Maurice J Matte Retail Services Team 656-2960
  Terri Nolin Customer Service Lead 656-2956
  Zachary Nuse Business Manager 656-8452
  Kathy Parish Bulk Mail 656-2960
  Herbert Pearl Mail Services Team 656-3413
  Richard Pearl Mail Services Team 656-2960
  Tamara Smith Type & Graphic Design 656-8147
  Stephanie Levesque Sowles Print Services Team 656-2960
  Melissa Wright Print Fulfillment 656-8149


Purchasing Services - 205 Waterman

Purchasing Services focuses on strategic sourcing and leveraging UVM’s purchasing power to reduce costs for University departments. In addition, this office is responsible for purchase order processing, Requests for Proposal (RFP) management, and contract review.

Photo Name/Email Title Phone (802)
Natalie Guillette Director 656-4183
Marie Bouffard Purchasing & Contracting Specialist 656-8281
  James Evans IT/ADA Contract Analyst 656-4218
  Deborah Harvey Purchasing & Contracting Specialist 656-8259
Julie MacDonald Purchasing & Contracting Specialist 656-1381
Wendy Spargo Contract Analyst 656-3035


Treasury Services - 220 and 333 Waterman

Treasury Services manages the University’s banking relationships; monitors daily depository account activity; oversees the recording of cash receipts to general ledger; supports issuance of new debt; and facilitates payment of debt service to, and drawdown of capital project funds from, bond trustee, as well as post-issuance bond compliance.

Photo Name/Email Title Phone (802) Location
Bonnie Cormier Director 656-2236 333 Waterman
  Jennie Keenan Treasury Management Professional 656-1309 333 Waterman
  Patti Kvam Cashier 656-1311 220 Waterman
Trinka Parker Cashier 656-1310 220 Waterman
  Michelle Taylor Senior Treasury Professional 656-3223 220 Waterman


UVM Bookstore - Davis Center

UVM Bookstore is located in the Dudley H. Davis Center, with satellite locations at Patrick Gym, Gutterson Field House, and in downtown Burlington at Catamount Store. The textbook department works with faculty to supply the right new, used, rental, and digital textbooks for classes. The bookstore offers a full assortment of school, art, and dorm supplies, as well as an array of University of Vermont emblematic clothing and gift items. The TechStore is an authorized Apple and Dell educational reseller and offers an assortment of software and tech accessories. The Bookstore also operates both Henderson’s Café and Cat Pause Convenience Store, serving local coffee and grab-and-go goodies. 

Photo Name/Email Title Phone (802) Location
  Robert Santry Director 656-8707  
  Joan Allaire Office/Program Support Assistant    
  Brendan Andrews Soft Goods/Office Supply Supervisor    
  Veronica Beauregard Catamount Store Services Support Supervisor 578-5503  
  Bryan Bennett      
  Denise Bora Administrative Professional    
  Hannah Bowes   800-331-7305  
  Holly Bowes      
  Jennifer Brittenham-Jones Business Support Generalist 656-2352  
  Matt Brittenham-Jones Bookstore IT Specialist 656-3751  
  Amy Brown Services Support Clerk 656-3290  
  Samuel Caron      
  Daniel Chojolan-Lopez   656-3290  
  Jennifer Churchman   656-5287  
  Sandra Combs   656-3290  
  Kelly Darling      
  Robert Dowling      
  Philip Geraghty Administrative Professional - Computers 656-3379  
  Elise Greaves      
  Rachael Grimes      
  Amanda Hall   656-3290  
  Sherry Irish Services Support Supervisor 656-3031  
  Tammy Kellogg   656-1274  
  Grady Kennison   656-5287  
  Jessica Kilpeck   656-8707  
  Stephen King      
  Karen Krajacic      
  Benjamin Leach   656-3406  
  Robert Lemieux   656-3290  
  Iris Lewis      
  Melanie McAdoo      
  Heather Miles   656-3290  
  Aurora Nowak   656-3406  
  Susan Parizo   656-3067  
  Julia Partenope      
  Jennifer Reay   656-8721  
  Joyce Ren-Sun      
  T Mia Ross      
  Gordon Sadler   318-3272  
  Skylar Sandler      
  Kaia Santana      
  Vincent Schifilliti      
  Laura Stasi   656-8032  
  Bonnie Stillman   656-3290  
  Lucy Stillman      
  Kyle Tyson      
  Joel Waitt   656-0768  


Contact the Controller's Office

Phone: 802-656-2903
Fax: 802-656-1967

333 Waterman Building
85 South Prospect St.
Burlington, Vermont 05405

Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - Noon and 1:00 - 4:30 p.m.