The Finance & Facilities Administration team provides project management and organizational development support for the Division of Finance & Administration, with a special focus on centralized support on financial operations, employee engagement, human resources and workplace learning and development for the Facilities Management units.

  • Financial Operations: Budget planning, forecasting, management and analysis, transactional support, business process improvement
  • Human Resource Management: Organizational development and strategy, recruitment, personnel actions, workplace learning and development, diversity and inclusive excellence, and employee engagement
  • Administrative Support: Project management, strategic planning, communications, change management, operational efficiency

Centralized Support for Facilities Management

HR ManagementFinancial OperationsFinancial & Budget Analysis
  • Payroll
  • Personnel Actions
  • Data and Reporting
  • Labor & Employee Relations
  • Workforce Development
  • Purchasing
  • Contracts
  • Renewal Funds
  • Utility Expense Tracking
  • Inventory and Assessment
  • Vendor Management
  • Travel & Expense reports
  • Utility Forecasting & Prorates
  • Budget Analysis
  • Deferred Maintenance Analysis
  • Project and Fund Analysis
  • Clearing Account and Flat Rate

With support from the Administrative Business Service Center (ABSC):

  • Annual Budget Process
  • Monthly Budget to Actual Reporting
  • Adhoc Reporting & Analysis