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As noted in Gary Derr’s e-mail sent on March 10th, 2020: If you do not secure prior authorization for travel, you will be personally responsible for all costs associated with any travel disruption.

This applies to all travel arrangements made with the Purchasing Card in addition to personal expenses. Please attach a copy of your Travel Authorization with your Purchasing Card Journal for any travel dated after March 11th, 2020.

Thank you,
Purchasing Card Team

UVM's PurCard program offers a one-card solution for purchasing transactions and business travel that simplifies the requisition, receipt, and payment of goods and services for UVM employees.

The UVM PurCard is the preferred method of payment for small dollar orders and university business travel.


  • 9/4/19 - Follow these simple instructions (Word) on how to attach PurCard documentation directly to a PeopleSoft PurCard journal. See how to electronically sign a PDF document (PDF). This is now the preferred method for all users except ABSC customers. ABSC customers should not change their current practice until directed by the ABSC. Email Holly LeBlanc, PurCard Team Lead, with any questions.
  • Costco accepts UVM PurCards (and other Visa cards) as a form of payment. No requisition or purchase order is necessary. Please be sure to bring the UVM Costco card with you. Please be aware that the practice of using a non-UVM Costco card is discouraged. Should you decide to go this route, you will be responsible for any tax. It is the combination of the UVM Purcard and UVM Costco card that provides the tax exemption. To schedule use of the UVM Costco card, email
  • Burlington Smart Parking Meter Kiosks take UVM PurCards and will provide a receipt, which is required when submitting monthly PurCard journals. Smart Meter instructions.


Cardholder Responsibilities

All PurCard holders are responsible for the following:

  • Complete required New PurCard Holder online training in Blackboard
  • Maintain original receipts for your purchase and/or travel
  • Reconcile to monthly statements
  • Reallocate monthly PurCard journals in PeopleSoft to correct budget information
  • Adhere to UVM PurCard program guidelines, and UVM policies and procedures
  • If your card is lost or stolen, contact U.S. Bank immediately at 1-800-344-5696, then notify the UVM Purchasing Card Team.
  • If you notice fraudulent transactions on your Purchasing Card statement or journals, contact U.S. Bank immediately at 1-800-344-5696, then notify the UVM Purchasing Card Team.

Supervisor Responsibilities

Journals & Approvals

The signature of the cardholder’s supervisor or supervisor's designee is required on the purchasing card journals in addition to the cardholder’s signature. Because of the volume of dollars and transactions that the purchasing card program processes, supervisor review and approval is a prudent and necessary business practice. Audits have revealed that purchasing card transactions need greater attention in the home department.

Supervisor's approval on the PurCard Journal Report indicates the following:

  • All transactions are appropriate University business, and fall within University and federal guidelines. Any unusual purchases are supported by an explanation of the business purpose.
  • All receipts/invoices are attached.
  • Transactions are within guideline limits - $2,500.00 per transaction.
  • Transactions are charged to the correct chartstring and account.
  • Transactions have been reallocated, if necessary.
  • Transactions are in compliance with the IRS' Accountable Plan Rules. Space for this documentation is provided on the Purcard Journal report. This is true for all travel and meal transactions.
  • Any additional documentation requirements have been completed.
  • No Vermont Sales Tax has been charged.

PurCard Journal Reports are due to the Disbursement Center 10 days after journals are available for reallocation.If reports are not received in a timely basis, purchasing cards will be placed on hold. It is the supervisor's responsibility to ensure that the PurCard journal reports are routed to the Disbursement Center in a timely fashion.

Terminating Employees

  • Supervisors must ensure that the purchasing card of a terminating employee is returned to the supervisor to be destroyed and disposed.
  • Supervisors must ensure that the necessary documentation is completed and submitted for the last cycle of purchasing card activity when an employee (cardholder) is terminated.