Student Research Takes Aim At Brighter, Greener Future

Ben Page displays two samples of wastewater in a science lab

It's true: there’s no shortage of problems in our world that need solving. And in our little corner of the world at the University of Vermont, there’s no shortage of talented minds that understand this truth: the time to start solving those problems is now. It's an "all-hands-on-deck" mindset shared by students and faculty that make it possible for hands-on learning opportunities to lead to...

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Collage of Lisa Wood, pipetting with test tube in lab; a breast cancer cell; and Carolyn Marquis, staring into microscope

UVM Alumnae Contribute to Groundbreaking Cancer Discovery

When the University of Vermont announced last week that Professor Jason Stumpff’s molecular physiology and biophysics lab had made a discovery that could lead to new treatments for hard-to-treat cancers, two UVM alumnae took special satisfaction from the news.

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Civil Society in Real Time: Former UVM President Teaches Class on Impeachment

Just as the new spring semester gets underway, so does one of the most historic trials in U.S. history: the second impeachment trial of former President Donald J. Trump.

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