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A Letter From The Student Equity Action Committee (SEAC).

Fellow Honors College Peers, 

The Honors College (HCOL) can be described as a community with an abundant source of academic curiosity and intellectual diversity. Despite this, our community continues to be a reflection of the demographic homogeneity of UVM as a whole.  It is important that we acknowledge this fact because marginalized communities are already at risk in diverse contexts — even more so within the realm of higher education. This is why we must work hard to support and uplift underrepresented voices. We strive to do this through institutional advocacy, programming, self-education, and open, meaningful conversations. 

That being said, the UVM community is not a safe haven where issues cease to exist. The fight for equity isn’t over merely because many of us acknowledge its existence; it is an ongoing effort which necessitates continued hard work, listening to student voices, and coalition-building. It is key to identify issues which affect students of marginalized identities, and to then construct actionable plans with targeted policies specifically designed to help support these students. It is often the societal assumption that it’s the duty of individuals of marginalized backgrounds to educate their peers on their identity, but this often emotionally draining, and time-consuming task should not be their sole responsibility. Therefore, extra effort must be placed on educating students on diversity and inclusion within structured courses. 

Overall, it is within the power of the students to be the change for a better and more equitable future and it is the role of faculty and staff to be mentors who aid students as they develop and transition into that role. We want to empower and support students to get involved. It is the community's responsibility to have respectful, open, and supportive communication in addressing injustice. The Student Equity Action Committee (SEAC), strives to maintain and encourage this dialogue on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in order to help develop a more culturally competent environment, and to inform students on how we can dismantle systemic injustices. It is through these efforts that HCOL can achieve its goal of creating globally responsible citizens. 

The Student Equity Action Committee  (SEAC) strives to build and maintain an equitable Honors College community of globally responsible and multiculturally competent individuals. We will embrace the knowledge, skills, and voices of those with diverse experiences to foster an atmosphere of inclusion and excellence in alignment with university-wide efforts.

The committee meets regularly, and works closely with the Honors College staff-led Committee on Equity and Inclusion to build an increasingly inclusive Honors College at UVM.

Members of the Student Equity Action Committee

Zane Zupan, Student Equity Action Committee Co-Chair

Hello, icon. My name is Zane Zupan, and I’m from Manchester, Vermont, (which is about three hours south of Burlington). I’m a Junior Political Science, Sociology, and Gender, Sexuality, & Women’s Studies triple major. I’m minoring in Behavioral Change & Health Studies. Within SEAC, I focus on queer coalition building, mental health advocacy, and trans & non-binary advocacy. Additionally, I have personal experience with SAS (Student Accessibility Services) and the Title IX office. I am happy to offer support and insight into how they interact with the Honors College from a student’s perspective. A large portion of my free time revolves around advocacy, including my political/queer issues TikTok, which I recently used to conduct a UVM-sponsored queer history Research Project. I love plants, yoga, and good hummus! Email me at , or if you have questions or need an advocate.

Sierra Sabec, Student Equity Action Committee Co-Chair

Hello everyone! My name is Sierra Sabec. I am a senior, majoring in Psychology and Anthropology with a concentration in Global Health and I am from the San Francisco Bay Area, in California. Here at UVM, I am a member of multiple clubs such as Runway of Dreams, Active Minds, Anthropology club, and Dance Force. I am also currently doing research in the Stickle Lab on co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders and the Hughes-Lansing lab on behavior incentives for teens who have type-1 diabetes. Within SEAC, I have worked on projects around mental health initiatives, student focus groups, and student rights advocacy. In my free time, I enjoy reading, live music, and hiking. Please feel free to reach out to me at!

Elliot Baird, Student Equity Action Committee Member

Hello! I’m Elliot Baird, a sophomore from Fairfax, Virginia, majoring in both Linguistics and English. My goals for SEAC are centered around accessibility and LGBTQ issues, especially support and safe housing for transgender students. On campus, I’m an officer for the UVM Ballroom and Swing Society and a research assistant on linguistics work surrounding body positivity in the media. I’ll be spending this spring at University College Maastricht in the Netherlands on one of the PLHC’s direct exchange programs. Reach me at  :)

Padma Mendelsund, Student Equity Action Committee Member

Aditi Saleh, Student Equity Action Committee Member

Kat Subramanian, Student Equity Action Committee Member

Hi! My name is Kat Subramanian and I am a senior here at UVM! I am from about 40 minutes outside Chicago, and I am a Communication Sciences and Disorders and Linguistic double major with a Special Education minor. I am a member of UVM’s Asian Student Union, a mentor for Think College, and co-president of both Linguistic Club and Mixed Experience! I am also treasurer for UVM Jazbaa which is a South Asian dance team, as well as, a research assistant in the CSD department. I am currently focusing on building affinity spaces for BIPOC students and fundraising efforts alongside my peers on the committee. I love to read, cook, watch anime, draw, the smell of the ground after the rain, tea, and cats! :) Feel free to reach out to me! My email is!

Cyará Wimmer, Student Equity Action Committee Member

Hey everyone, my name is Cyará (she/her)! I am from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. I am a history major and am looking into minoring in American Sign Language. I identify as pansexual, and I am also a mixed baby (black and white.) I am a part of the classics club. I have dealt with the AAEO committee and have had several deep conversations with individuals in charge of residential life. I hope by being a member of SEAC, I can help negate the issues I went through and help make other minority groups feel at home here at UVM. I love to crochet and go to random rock/metal concerts (I will have driven 7 hours one way to see KISS live.) If you need anything or feel like my experiences can help you, please reach out to me at  <3

Paige Wondrasek, Student Equity Action Committee Member

Hi everyone! My name is Paige Wondrasek and I am from a suburb of Chicago. I am studying Environmental Studies in CALS with a minor in Geospatial Technology. Within SEAC, my goals focus on women and gender equity as well as sexual violence awareness and prevention. At UVM, I also work at the Spatial Analysis Lab and Campus Recreation. Beyond academics and work, I enjoy live music, spending time outdoors, and vegan cooking. Connect with me at!

Angelina Woychosky, Student Equity Action Committee Member

Hi! My name is Angelina Woychosky, and I am a first year at UVM majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Health & Society. I’m from Springfield, VT in the Upper Valley/Southern Vermont region. I care about promoting justice in the healthcare system and healthcare accessibility and have been a member of the Vermont Workers’ Center for a couple of years. I also have experience with the Vermont Professionals of Color, an organization focused on promoting BIPOC prosperity in the state, and I hope to do similar work within SEAC. Movement energizes me - I love to dance, run, and be outside! I also enjoy art and bringing it into communities. Feel free to reach out to me at

SEAC programming in HCOL


Past events:

Queer the Kitchen
Thursday, February 16th at 7 pm in the UHN Kitchen
Queer Affinity Space! Join the Student Equity Action Committee and the Prism Center in the UHN Kitchen for some food and community.
BIPOC Affinity Space Soul Food (and Trivia Night)
Tuesday, February 21st at 7 pm  location UHN Kitchen
There will be an affinity space for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) students in the Honors College in the U-Heights North Kitchen. We’re proud of and grateful for the leadership of members of the HCOL Student Equity Action Committee (SEAC) who will be facilitating this event. BIPOC students: Join your peers of color for light food and community.



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