The Honors College Career Development Award is awarded to students who intend to participate in a summer career-related internship opportunity, and who need financial assistance in order to accept an offer for an internship. Applicants must be current UVM Honors College students. Two awards of up to $3,500 each will be awarded at the beginning of the summer. Applicants will be notified about the award by April.

Supplementary application materials can be sent to

Student Eligibility

Only first-year students, sophomores, and juniors in the Honors College are eligible to apply. To be eligible to receive the award, Honors College students also must 1) Show proof of applying for/being offered an internship, and 2) Must complete at least three pre-professional training sessions with the Career Center. Eligible training sessions include any of the regular workshops or advising sessions offered by the Career Center:

  •     Resume workshop
  •     Internships 101
  •     The LinkedIn workshop
  •     Wednesday Lunch & Learn
  •     Job Fair
  •     Internship Hop
  •     Any UVM networking events in Burlington, New York, Boston, or Washington, D.C.
  •     An individual advising session with a UVM career counselor

Internship Eligibility & Verification

Eligible internships are those that provide a substantive learning experience. A student should have the opportunity to apply knowledge gained in the classroom, and to attain new knowledge or skills that are transferrable to other employment settings. There should be clearly defined learning objectives/goals, and consistent supervision and feedback from an experienced supervisor. The Career Center can help students determine if an internship fits these criteria - feel free to stop in at drop in hours at the Career + Experience Hub with questions.

A student does not need to have a confirmed internship to apply, but distribution of the scholarship will be contingent upon the applicant submitting a letter from the employer detailing the following information:

  •     The organization name and address
  •     Confirmation of the internship offer to the student
  •     A brief outline of the student's responsibilities as an intern

Internship verification must be received within three weeks after the application deadline.

Application Timeline and Deadline

To maximize the chance of receiving funding, Honors College students are encouraged to apply for the Career Development Award as well as any other internship awards they are eligible for. All awards listed on UVM's Internship Funding page have the same essays, same application process, and same deadline.

Note that the Career Development Award requires the following supplementary information: A letter of recommendation, a follow-on service proposal, and an interview.

Application Timeline [TENTATIVE]

Mid-January: Career Development Award Application is available on Honors College website.
Mid-March: Deadline to submit primary application materials for UVM's internship scholarships for approval. All materials must be submitted to by 11:59 p.m., and must be approved by the application deadline.
Mid-March: APPLICATION DEADLINE. All materials must be submitted by 5:00 p.m.
Late March: Short listed candidates are invited to interview with the scholarship selection committee.
Late March/Early April: Applicants receive final award notification.

Financial Aid & Tax Information

The monies received from the Honors College Career Development Award are not compensation for hours worked. The scholarship is intended to cover food, transportation, housing, and cost of living expenses. There may be financial aid and/or tax implications for this award. Students who have questions about the impact of this award are strongly encouraged to consult with Student Financial Services or a tax professional before accepting the award.

Academic Credit

If a student is interested in obtaining academic credit for the internship, they should meet with the Career Center to learn more. Earning credits for an internship is dependent upon registering (and paying) for those credits. Credit cannot be awarded for work already completed, so a student must be sure to work out credit arrangements in advance of beginning an internship. Credit-bearing internships have an academic component, so a student will also need to budget time for the reading and writing assignments. Earning credit for a summer internship may also have financial aid implications; be sure to consult with Student Financial Services before setting up an internship opportunity for credit.

Selection Criteria & Selection Process

The purpose of this scholarship is to 1) Assist students with obtaining experience relating to career and professional development, and 2) Promote career and professional development opportunities for students in the Honors College. Because of this, scholarship decisions are not solely made on the basis of previous experience or GPA. Rather, award decisions are based on:

  •     Professional sense of purpose: Selection committee members will evaluate the benefits a student will gain from the internship, and how the internship aligns with a student's career/professional goals.
  •     Academic trajectory: Selection committee members will evaluate a student's academic experience as well as how their current academic trajectory will be enhanced through the proposed internship(s). Committee members will look for coursework and research experience relevant to the proposed internship, as well as how the professional experience fits in with a student's intellectual pursuits in the Honors College.
  •     Financial need: Selection committee members will expect students to articulate why they need financial support in order to pursue an internship, as well as how financial support to do the proposed internship better enables them to meet their goals for their internship experience.
  •     Plans for the follow on service project: Selection committee members will evaluate the feasibility and potential impact of the student's proposed follow-on service project proposal.

After the application deadline, short-listed candidates will be asked to interview with the Honors College Career Development Award Selection Committee. Based on the interviews, the committee will then offer selected students the award. Once an award offer is made, students will have up to three weeks to confirm that they have received an internship offer from their employer. Students then must also submit a signed copy of the Honors College Career Development Award Waiver.

Scholarship Recipient Obligations

The following items will be required from scholarship recipients at the end of the internship experience:

  •     A two page, double-spaced summary answering the following questions: How did this internship help you grow personally and professionally? How did this internship opportunity affect your career goals? Did it help you explore options, gain skills, or refine a plan as it relates to your career?
  •     A follow-on service project: The Follow-on Service Project is the applicant's opportunity to give back by inspiring others to pursue their own professional development opportunities during college. To help expand the impact of the Honors College Career Development Award, all awardees are required to carry out a Follow-on Service Project sometime during the academic year following their internship experience. This project can be done within the Honors College community (e.g. it can be a workshop, a presentation, or another event to engage students in career development) or with another targeted community at UVM. Upon completion of the project awardees will be required to submit a one-page final report summarizing the impact of the follow-on project. (All applicants must submit a project proposal within the online application and this proposal is closely reviewed during the selection process).
  •     Materials from an awardee's internship experience that they affirm may be shared with other UVM students (photos, videos, other stories that may be put on the Honors College website or social media sites).

Recipients will also be required to submit a one page assessment of their follow-on service project after that project has been completed.

Application Requirements

A complete application for the Honors College includes primary application materials for UVM's Internship Scholarships:

  • A completed and approved resume.
  • A completed budget sheet
  • A completed online application
In addition, the following supplementary application materials must be e-mailed to by 4 p.m. the  day of the deadline:

One letter of recommendation from a professor. Letters must be e-mailed to by 4:00 p.m. on the day of the deadline.

A 300-word Follow-On Service Project Proposal: Briefly outline your proposed follow-on service project to connect with current Honors College students and promote the importance of career and professioal development during college. Be sure you address the following questions:

  • What are your project goals?
  • What is your target population and how will your project impact this group?
  • How will this project impact your targeted population as well as the greater Honors College community? How will you integrate the impact of your internship experience into your project?
  • What, if any, additional campus departments, student organizations, and/or community organizations will you collaborate with in promoting career and professional development for students at the university?
  • Have you already made contact with these groups?
  • How can you tell if your follow-on service project has been successful? How will you assess the impact of your follow-on service project?

Upon receipt of your materials, the Honors College will also add an unofficial transcript to your application materials.

Application Submission Instructions

Submitting the primary application materials

All primary application materials and submission instructions are available on UVM's Internships Funding website:

If you have questions about submitting your primary application materials, please come to Drop In Hours at the Career + Experience Hub, attend an information session (offered in the Hub on: Wed, Feb 15th 2:15pm-3:15pm, Tues, Feb 23rd 1pm-2pm, or Mon, Mar 6th 2:30-3:30pm) or contact Amanda Chase at 802-656-3450.


Submitting the supplementary application materials

The supplementary application materials must be e-mailed to by 4 p.m. the day of the deadline.  The Honors College will provide an unofficial copy of the student's transcript to the review committee (students do not need to include a transcript with their submitted materials).

Alternative Plans

It is important to make alternative plans. The Honors College Career Development Award is a competitive award, and not everyone can receive award money. Students should make an appointment at the Career Center if additional assistance is needed to make alternative summer plans.