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Visit our appointment calendar to to schedule an online consultation or our events calendar to register for Friday Afternoon (Virtual) Graduate Writing Retreats!

Announcement: We are currently hiring for Academic Year 2021/2022!  Interested?  Read more about becoming a consultant.


Our consultants - experienced graduate writers from programs across the campus - help writers develop skill and confidence.  Thanks to support from the UVM Graduate College, our services are free to UVM graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.

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Online Consulting Hours

Online consultation hours and days vary. Check the appointment schedule for availability.

Consulting Location

Our physical location is currently closed and all sessions are being held remotely.

Administrative Office

Phone: (802) 656-1958
Email: gradwriting@uvm.edu

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Individual Online Appointments

The Graduate Writing Center offers online individual appointments in our uvm.mywconline.net consultation space. On the scheduled day and time, just click on your appointment to enter the online consulting space. You can also attach a draft or include a Google Doc link with the appointment.

Group Online Appointments

Make a group appointment if you are part of a writing team that would like to meet. Make sure everyone on writing team has registered with uvm.mywconline.net. Just one of you should schedule the appointment and include the names and email addresses of your teammates. Then watch your inbox for a Microsoft Teams invitation from your consultant.

Review & Meet Appointments

Review and Meet appointment: If you have a long or technical draft, you can make two Review and Meet individual or group appointments with the same consultant. Mark the first appointment Review and upload or include a link to the draft. You won’t attend this appointment. Instead, your consultant will spend the hour getting familiar with your draft. Mark the second appointment Meet. This is when you will meet with your consultant, ready to launch into discussion.

Writing Resources

Our collection of many helpful guides, screencasts, and our new podcast series “What Makes This So Hard” about demystifying dissertation and thesis writing.

Review by Email Appointments (new)

Although a real-time meeting is easiest to ensure a consultant grasps your project and can shift gears if a suggested approach is not working, we understand the challenge of time zones and internet access. When you choose Review by Email, your consultant will read and respond to your draft offline. Attach your draft with a detailed note about your project, stage of writing, and goals and concerns. The more context you provide, the more responsive your consultant can be. Within 24 hours after the appointment, you’ll receive an email that your feedback is ready. You won’t receive back a copy edited manuscript or a Track Changes document. But you will receive a supportive and knowledgeable outside reader’s understanding of your project, their read on what is and is not yet working for your aims, and their advice for your next steps.