Campus walking past Honors College residence

Honors College: Community of Scholars

What sets the Honors College apart are the accomplishments of its students, whose past, present, and future academic endeavors demonstrate the success that comes from hard work and a genuine dedication to learning. The Honors College respects the right of each of our students to mark their own way while providing opportunities for each to be actively engaged with a group of dedicated students. To achieve this dual role, the Honors College makes available special programs, courses, and student activities, provides academic mentoring, offers participation in Hall Council, and the Student Advisory Group, where students take the lead in developing programs for the College, advises on undergraduate research opportunities, and gives access to advising on national fellowship and scholarship opportunities. By encouraging each student to realize his or her full potential, the Honors College paves the way for our students' continuing success, helping to ensure that they are fully prepared to enter into the world after graduation.

The Honors College residence hall, classrooms, advising, and administrative offices are located in University Heights on UVM's Athletic Campus. This beautiful residence complex provides housing for Honors College students in a wide variety of suite options, as well as single rooms. The residential college also includes space for live-in faculty members. In addition, the complex has two classrooms, several lounges, and a multipurpose room for meetings, lectures, and dinners.

As a community, Honors College students are strongly encouraged to live in the Honors College residence.

Visit the Res Life website for additional information about University Heights.