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The Honors College Thesis Mini Grants (formerly known as UROP) support thesis research by Honors College students across all disciplines. Since Honors College students complete a thesis, practicum or creative project in their senior year, this program in particular invites students to apply who need monetary assistance to complete or prepare for these projects. HCOL thesis mini grants are designed to cover unusual expenses of the sort that may not normally be incurred over the course of a typical class (e.g. necessary research travel, scientific equipment not already in the lab, certain kinds of computer software, artistic media supplies, etc). Books, paper, ink, and most computer software and hardware does not usually fall into this category. (We do invite all Honors College seniors writing theses to stop by the Honors College offices to pick up a copy card which is designed to assist with printing costs.)

The Honors College Thesis Mini Grants are up to $300 per award (any request made above $300 will be considered as part of an FOUR Mini Grant which has a average of $500; more information about the FOUR Mini Grant application here). Students who are seeking financial support for their research projects may apply for funds by submitting an application. A letter of support from the faculty mentor must accompany every application as well as proof of thesis approval from the student’s home college. Applications are reviewed by the Fellowships, Opportunities, & Undergraduate Research in partnership with the Honors College.


The Honors College Thesis Mini Grant is open to all Honors College students at UVM. All students receiving funding must have a designated UVM faculty mentor. In addition, the thesis proposal must have received final approval by the candidate’s home School or College. (If you do not yet meet this requirement, please contact Fellowships, Opportunities, & Undergraduate Research). Additionally, students doing research involving human subjects, animals, laboratory or studio work, or international travel will be expected to provide appropriate protocols, training documents, or other registration as necessary. Without these approvals, plus all the other parts of your proposal, your application will not be reviewed.

Honors College Thesis Mini Grant applications are reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year. All attempts will be made to financially support reasonable research expenses but students are encouraged to plan ahead/apply early.

Funded students are required to present their work at the annual Student Research Conference held in April each year.


Budget requests may include supplies, funding for travel to research location, incentives, and other eligible research expenses. The Honors College Thesis Mini Grant does not fund wages for the candidate or any supplies or equipment that is available for free through UVM. It also does not cover the cost of copying your thesis.

Awards much be spent by June 30th of the academic year in which funds are granted. Reapplication is only permitted if funds cannot be spent within this time frame due to extenuating circumstances. In such a case, students should be in touch with the FOUR.


Applicants must include the quantity and costs of supplies in a detailed, line item budget as part of their application (a budget worksheet is provided as a writeable PDF form). Line items must be as specific as possible and should include any necessary shipping charges. Examples of appropriate budget items include specific chemical reagents, published materials that are not available otherwise, transcribing services, painting or sculpting supplies, or small electronic components. Any hardware, devise, or non-expendable supplies are the property of you home department. Applicants must provide a brief written justification for the budget they have developed, including supporting statements addressing the nature and cost of the requested supplies as they relate to the project objectives and methodology. If applying for both HCOL Thesis and FOUR Mini Grants, students should include information about which grant would pay for each budgetary item.


Travel may be funded if it is intrinsic to the project, i.e. for research purposes or to present research findings at a professional conference (for further funding to present at a professional conference, please see the FOUR Travel Grants). On the budget worksheet indicate real or expected costs for mileage, airfare, etc. Use Google Maps to calculate miles and see the UVM current mileage standards for mileage reimbursement. Use Travelocity or a comparable site to establish flight costs (if tickets have already been purchased, provide the exact cost and a copy of the receipt at the time of application). Be as specific about locations and travel needs as possible. International travel must be registered with the Office of International Education through the iAbroad system.  Contact Ann Kroll Lerner to start this process as soon as possible. We cannot provide funds for travel to countries or areas that are under a Department of State’s travel warning.


All students must submit ALL the appropriate application materials. A letter of faculty support may be delivered separately; evidence of home college thesis approval, must be attached. Remember that any safety training necessary must be completed and documented prior to application. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure his or her application is complete.
Please contact the Honors College (802-656-9100) with any questions.