Patrick Leahy Honors College Scholars enter the postgraduate world ready to be innovators, leaders, and change agents in their field.

Meet some of our recent graduates:

Health & Medicine


Recent Patrick Leahy Honors College graduates have gone on to pursue medical study at Harvard University, Stanford University, the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, the Alpert Medical School at Brown University, and the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont, among others. Other graduates have gone on to the Yale School of Public Health, the University of Washington School of Public Health, or MD/PHD programs including ones at UCLA, Boston University, and others.

Meet some recent Health & Medicine graduates

Niv Badrinarayanan '19Niveditha Badrinarayanan '19

A biochemistry major, Resident Advisor, and Pre Health Peer Mentor. After graduating Niveditha went to the Larner College of Medicine for a medical degree. Meet Niv.



Warrick Sahene '18

A neuroscience major, president of the Minority Association of Premedical Students, and vice president of the Boulder Society. After graduating Warrick went to the Larner College of Medicine for a graduate degree in pharmacology. Meet Warrick.


Benjamin Kagan '18

A chemistry major and a Goldwater Scholar. After graduation Ben pursued medical school at the Larner College of Medicine. Meet Ben.



Ben Teasdale '15

A biochemistry major, Outing Club leader, and MEDVIDA president. After UVM Ben received a Fulbright Scholarship to Nepal, a Gates Cambridge Scholarship for a master's degree in medicine, health and society, and a Knight-Hennesy Scholarship to study medicine at Stanford University. Meet Ben.

Environment, Sustainability, Food & Agriculture


Recent  Patrick LeahyHonors College graduates have gone on to pursue careers in fields related to the environment and sustainability and have worked for the National Park Service, the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, the Connecticut Department of Energy, The Nature Conservancy, among others. PLHC students passionate about working with animals have gone on to graduate study in wildlife biology or veterinary study at Cornell University, Tufts University, the University of Pennsylvania, among others.

Meet some recent Environment, Sustainability, and Food & Agriculture graduates

Rachel Bowanko '19

Rachel Bowanko '19An environmental studies major, co-President of FeelGood, and member of Student Legal Services. After UVM Rachel went to Stanford Law School. Meet Rachel.



Lucas Beck '18

A wildlife and fisheries biology major, a Rubenstein Steward, and an Outing Club Leader. After UVM Lucas worked with the National Park Service to study wolf predation at Voyageurs National Park in northern Minnesota.Meet Lucas.


Ivonne Headley '18

A nutrition & dietetics major, Spanish minor, BSU President, and teaching assistant. After graduation Ivonne traveled to Ecuador as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Meet Ivonne.

Business & Economy


Recent Patrick Leahy Honors College graduates go on to enter the workforce at companies including Google, HBO, Amazon, Greystone & Co., Global Foundries, Fuse Marketing, Flying Plow Farm, W. W. Norton & Company, NextCapital Group, among others.

Meet some recent Business and Economy graduates

Anders Christiansen '14

A political science major, economics and international development double minor, teaching assistant, and Gilman Scholar. After graduation Anders traveled to Mexico on a Fulbright Scholarship. Meet Anders.


JD Kelly '18

A double business administration and economics major, an AdvoCat tourguide, and co-chair of the Patrick Leahy Honors College Student Advisory Group. After graduation JD began work as an analyst at Greystone & Co. Meet JD.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics


Recent Patrick Leahy Honors College students have gone on to pursue graduate study in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics at prestigious institutions including Harvard University, Columbia University, Cal Tech, Johns Hopkins, Yale University, Vanderbilt University, and the University of Vermont. Students in these fields have also gone on to professional careers at Amazon, Equitas Life Science Consulting, the US Air Force Academy, Harvard School of Public Health, Vermont Department of Public Health, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, among others.

Meet some recent Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics graduates

Nick Strayer '15

A math and statistics double-major, computer science minor, tutor, and researcher. After graduation Nick worked as a journalist for the New York Times and pursued his doctorate in biostatistics at Vanderbilt University. Meet Nick.


Nata Dudkina '18

A biochemistry major, math minor, Resident Advisor, and Orientation Leader. After UVM Nata is pursuing a doctorate chemistry at Yale University. Meet Nata.



Ellen Wixted '16

A neuroscience major and special education minor. After graduation Ellen received a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship to pursue her PhD in neuroscience. Meet Ellen.



Caleb Winn '18

A neuroscience major, UVM Cycling team member, and founder of science news journal The Natural Philosopher. After graduation Caleb worked for a life sciences consulting company. Meet Caleb.



Caitlin Patterson '12 & Scott Patterson '14

Engineering majors, siblings, and skiers. After UVM Caitlin and Scott both represented their country at the Olympics.Meet Caitlin & Scott.




Henry Mitchell '19Henry Mitchell '19

A math & physics double major, Patrick Leahy Honors College Peer Mentor, Advocat, and tutor. After graduation Henry went on to a graduate program at Johns Hopkins.Meet Henry

Education, Community, & Public Service


Recent Patrick Leahy Honors College graduates go on to serve in the public sector by working at the U.S. State Department, the Office of the Mayor of Burlington, the Office of Senator Patrick J. Leahy, the State House of Vermont, Amnesty International, Vermont Public Interest Research Group (VPIRG), serving in the U.S Army, among others.

Meet some recent Education, Community, and Public Service graduates

Lucy Rogers '18Lucy Rogers '18

A biology major and cellist. After UVM Lucy became a representative in the Vermont State House. Meet Lucy.



Caryn Devins '10

A political science and spanish double major. After UVM Caryn went to Duke Law School and worked as a Supreme Court fellow. Meet Caryn.



Brian Vedder '14

A secondary education major and president of International Honor Society in Education. After UVM Brian was named a Fulbright Scholar and he traveled to Thailand to teach English to local students. Meet Brian.



Grace Colbert '18

An elementary education major and a Mortar Board Member. After graduation Grace joined Teach for America to inspire and educate the next generation. Meet Grace.

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences


Recent Patrick Leahy Honors College graduates go on to graduate doctoral study in the humanities, social sciences, and arts at Harvard University, University of California-Berkeley, Johns Hopkins, Duke University, and the University of Warwick, among others. 

Meet some recent Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences graduates

Hayley Barriere '19Hayley Barriere '19

A global studies major, Vermont Refugee Resettlement intern, and Patrick Leahy Honors College peer mentor. After UVM Hayley started working for UVM's Office of International Education as an international education communications professional.Meet Hayley.


Grace Weaver '11

A studio art major, biology minor, painter, photographer, volunteer, and world traveller. After UVM Grace received her MFA and is making a splash in the New York City art world.Meet Grace.



Tilden Remerleitch '18

A geography major, podcast producer, and a world traveller. At UVM Tilden received a Critical Language Scholarship and a Boren Scholarship, and after UVM she moved to Ecuador to work for a research NGO.Meet Tilden.

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In 2020 Anitra Conover '22 received an Honors College Career Development Award to intern for AALV Inc., a non-profit in Burlington Vermont that provides services to new Americans. Learn more about research fellowships, internship scholarships, and prestigious academic awards in the Honors College.