Each semester, topics for sophomore seminars vary and draw on the rich and diverse interests of the faculty who teach them. Honors faculty from numerous academic disciplines teach these seminars, allowing students to meet scholars from a broad cross section of the university. These seminars are open only to Honors College students.


Fall 2022 HCOL 185
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Tracy Ballysingh

HCOL 186 K - D1: (In)Equality in P-16 American Education  (Spring 2022) Tracy.Ballysingh@uvm.edu
(802) 656-4124
Leadership & Dev. Science
Mann Hall, Rm.210D
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Emily Beam

HCOL 185 D - D1:Economics of Discrimination (Fall 2022)

(802) 656-5735
Old Mill, Rm. 233
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Brian Beckage

HCOL 185 OL1 - SU: Climate Change & Human Systems (Fall 2022)Brian.Beckage@uvm.edu
(802) 656-0197
Plant Biology
Jeffords Hall, Rm. 345
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Antonello Borra

Antonello Borra

HCOL 185 F - Dante for the New Millennium (Fall 2022)Antonello.Borra@uvm.edu
(802) 656-3576
Romance Languages and Cultures
517B Waterman
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Andrew Buchanan
HCOL 185 C - D1: D1: War, Race, Identity in America
(802) 656-3180
Wheeler House
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Lauren Dewey

HCOL 185 B - D2: Reducing Health Disparities (Fall 2022)Lauren.Dewey@uvm.edu
No Phone
Psychological Sciences
Mann Hall 101 A
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Laura Edling

HCOL 185 P - Participatory Action Research (Fall 2022)Laura.Edling@uvm.edu
(802) 363-1007
303G Aiken Center
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Sean Hurley

Sean Hurley

HCOL 185 I - How We Learn: Brain, Mind &   Education (Fall 2022)
(802) 656-2072
Waterman 499B
Zachary Ispa-Landa
HCOL 185 O - SU: Honey Bee Culture (Fall 2022)
U Heights South, Room 9C
Jana Kraft
Jana Kraft
HCOL 185 H - Animal Products in Human Nutrition (Fall 2022)
(802) 656-5489
Animal & Veterinary Sciences
219 Terrill Bldg.
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Abigail McGowan
HCOL 185 C - D2:Visualizing History: India (Fall 2022)
(802) 656-1273 
Wheeler House, Room 300

Edward McMahon

HCOL 185 E - Community Organizing & Civil Engagement (Fall 2022)Edward.McMahon@uvm.edu
(802) 656-4565
Comm. Development &Applied Economics
208C Morrill Hall

Erik Monsen

HCOL 185 N - Critical Perspectives on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Fall 2022)Erik.Monsen@uvm.edu
(802) 656 8994
Grossman School of Business
Kalkin Hall, Rm. 320
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Harlan Morehouse

HCOL 185 K - Geographies of Life and Death (Fall 2022)
Old Mill Rm 208

Zeina Salame

HCOL 185 A - Rad Femme & PGM (Fall 2022)

No Phone
Theater & Dance
Lattie Coor House
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Mark Usher

HCOL 185 J - How to Think about Animals (Fall 2022)Mark.Usher@uvm.edu
(802) 656-4431
Old Mill, Rm. 215
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