In their second year, students begin to narrow down their fields of study and focus more intensely on areas that interest them, working closely with other honors students and faculty in small seminars.

Each semester, sophomores take a three-credit honors seminar, choosing from an extensive slate of offerings created for Honors College students by schools and colleges throughout the university.

Topics vary from year to year and draw on the rich and diverse interests of the faculty who teach them.  Sophomore seminar courses for 2024-25 cover topics from Free Speech and Expression to Honey Bee Culture; from Earth Hazards in Film toArctic Environment and Politics.

Honors faculty from numerous academic disciplines teach the seminars, allowing students to meet scholars from a broad cross section of the university. The seminars are open only to Honors College students.

Sophomore year is also a time to pursue academic opportunities outside of the classroom. Students will be strongly encouraged to apply for an undergraduate research grant. In addition, they may want to consider a study-abroad program or an internship for their junior year.