Greenland Discovery Attracts Global Media Attention

Bits of twigs and moss, seen under magnification

UVM scientist Drew Christ was stunned to find not just rocks—but ancient plants—under his microscope when he was looking at a long-lost sample from the bottom of the Greenland ice sheet.

This surprise discovery started when a Cold-War-era ice core was rediscovered—after decades of being lost in a Danish freezer. This Hollywood-worthy story led Christ, and UVM professor Paul Bierman, to...

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Take Notes, America: Grocery Store “Happy Hour” Reduces Food Waste

Looking to reduce food waste? So is a grocery store in Helsinki, Finland experimenting with a discount food “Happy Hour,” reports the New York Times

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Christmas-Morning Joy, From a Walk in the Park

Visitors to urban parks use happier words and express less negativity on Twitter than they did before their visit, finds new UVM research in The Economist

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