UVM Launches Six Innovative Flood Research Projects

Six awards were given to researchers in the fields of geophysical processes, agriculture, public health, and community resilience to evaluate and recover from this year’s catastrophic flooding as well as planning for future climate events.
Fields in Vermont flooded after rainfall

In a time of unprecedented rainfall and flooding throughout Vermont in July 2023, the University of Vermont’s (UVM) Office of Research in collaboration the Gund Institute for Environment issued a call for proposals for rapid deployment of UVM researchers to engage in flood-related research activities that would contribute to...

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Bits of twigs and moss, seen under magnification

Greenland Discovery Attracts Global Media Attention

UVM scientist Drew Christ was stunned to find not just rocks—but ancient plants—under his microscope when he was looking at a long-lost sample from the bottom of the Greenland ice sheet.

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Take Notes, America: Grocery Store “Happy Hour” Reduces Food Waste

Looking to reduce food waste? So is a grocery store in Helsinki, Finland experimenting with a discount food “Happy Hour,” reports the New York Times

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