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World-class research, world-changing impact

Research isn’t enough to solve our environmental problems — we need action, too.

The Gund Institute for Environment mobilizes scholars and decision makers to understand and tackle critical environmental challenges. Driven by the belief that research should inspire action, we work in partnership with stakeholders from government, business and broader society.

We focus our research on five interconnected themes, each of which is essential to creating a sustainable future for people and the planet:

  • Climate solutions
  • Health and well-being
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Resilient communities
  • Equity and justice

The planet’s biggest problem is pace

Globally, we often know what’s required to sustain a world where people and nature can thrive. The real problem is pace. To tackle global environmental challenges, we need cross-sector collaboration driving innovative solutions — and we need it now. This sense of urgency inspires our nimble approach to research and our focus on partnerships that deliver real-world impact.

Solutions for people and nature

The Gund Institute takes an integrated approach to developing solutions for a healthy environment and a healthy society. We do this in three ways:

  • Connect scholars across multiple disciplines, and with policy makers, business leaders, and communities.
  • Catalyze innovative ideas by funding and leading world-class research on the most pressing environmental issues.
  • Solve urgent environmental problems with solutions and partnerships that inspire bold action.

Diversity drives discovery

The Gund Institute unites scholars across the University of Vermont’s academic ecosystem with a global network of leading researchers. With expertise in the natural and social sciences, business, health, technology, engineering, and the humanities, the Gund Institute community harnesses the diverse perspectives of multiple disciplines to tackle the pressing environmental issues of our time.

Powered by partnership

We believe that partnering with external stakeholders as research collaborators—rather than research consumers—leads to research that inspires action. By bridging the gaps between academia, government, business, and communities, we increase the potential for insight, innovation, and ultimately impact.

We’re proud to count many leading global, national, and local organizations among our partners, including Ben & Jerrys, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, the United Nations, the National Science Foundation, the United States Congress, the United States Dept of Agriculture, and Vermont state agencies.

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