Join our global network. 

The Gund Institute for Environment brings together researchers, students, experts, and practitioners from across UVM and global organizations to pursue cross-cutting research and real-world impact.

Within this transdisciplinary community, the Institute offers formal affiliations for those committed to long-term and meaningful engagement with the Institute. We welcome participation from all UVM scholars, as well as colleagues from across academia, government, industry, development and other groups.


  • Fellows and Affiliates are accomplished in fields related to the Institute’s mission, and work to unite these fields through collaborative research, training, and outreach activities.
  • Postdoctoral Fellows and Graduate Fellows work closely with faculty Fellows and other collaborators on these research and outreach projects.
  • Visiting Scholars collaborate with UVM-based members of the Institute community to pursue innovative research and outreach activities.

Gund community members are our global ambassadors, and benefit from collaborations with colleagues that share a common interest in a sustainable future. In doing so, the Gund Institute strengthens UVM’s position as a leader in environmental scholarship, at a time when such leadership is more important than ever.