To Study Earth’s Critical Zone, UVM Team Wins $3.2M

Photo composite of a wildfire, waves hitting a rocky coastline, and a layer of snow atop brown grass.

Land-use change. Environmental change. Extreme natural events. Wildfires and hurricanes. All are impacting the planet’s so-called critical zone, where water, air, soil, rock and life interact.

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Securing Clean Water for All

Water scarcity has been a source of regional conflict and wars throughout human history. As the world’s fresh water becomes increasingly scarce due to accelerating climate change, cooperation among countries, regions and villages who share water resources across borders will be critical to ensuring an equitable distribution of water.

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Interseeder in field

Can Regenerative Agriculture Save American Farms?

What if feeding the world’s growing population could also improve the environment – and reverse the worrisome trend of U.S. farm losses.

That’s the idea behind regenerative agriculture, a new approach to farming that aims to produce a safe and abundant food supply, while improving soils and other natural resources, and increasing farmers’ livelihoods.

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