Scientists Use Wearable Technology to Detect Stress Levels During Sleep

UVM Study is the First to Surface Perceived Stress Using Sleep Data

What if changes in a person’s stress levels could be detected while they sleep using wearable devices? A new study by University of Vermont researchers published today in PLOS Digital Health is the first to find changes in perceived stress levels reflected in sleep data—an important step...

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A composite image of Rachelle Gould (left) and Trisha Shrum (right), with a forest shown on the middle panel

Gund Institute Names 2024 Catalyst Award Winners

The Gund Institute for Environment at the University of Vermont today announced a $200,000 Catalyst Award for a research project examining whether engaging in pro-environmental behavior can lead to more pro-environmental attitudes and values.

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Using AI, Other Tech to Monitor Companies’ Impacts on Biodiversity

As environmental challenges make daily headlines across the world, tools including AI, Earth observation and other data sources are underpinning new efforts to measure and evaluate private sector companies’ effects on the natural world.

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