People Waste Nearly a Pound of Food Daily

Study finds a surprising link between food waste and diet quality
An images of typical household food waste: bruised bananas and a moldy orange

Americans waste nearly a pound of food per person each day, but the exact amount of food we trash differs by how healthy your diet is, a new University of Vermont co-authored national study finds.

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Phosphorus Surplus Hurts Cleanup Efforts: Vermont

Vermont farms have built up a massive phosphorus surplus – one that is growing at an estimated 1,500 tons per year – as farmers continue to import large quantities of animal feed and fertilizer, a new University of Vermont study says. 

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A marine conservation volunteer cares for a beached dolphin on the Massachusetts coast.

Marine Charities Net More Than Commercial Fishing

Massachusetts boasts one of the most iconic fisheries in the U.S., but new research suggests that protecting marine coastlines has surpassed commercial fishing as an economic driver.

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