Where Sheep are Trending

University of Vermont researchers and alumni unite to explore the benefits of an unconventional pairing – integrating sheep in a vineyard system
Two sheep in Shelburne Vineyard

In addition to sipping award-winning wines, visitors to Shelburne Vineyard in nearby Shelburne, Vermont, this spring could be found taking selfies with sheep. That’s because the vineyard was home to a flock of five Suffolk sheep happily grazing on the grass beneath the grapevines.

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How Honeybees May Infect Bumblebees

Many species of wild bumblebees are in decline—and new research shows that diseases spread by domestic honeybees may be a major culprit.

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Gund Institute Adds Policy Director, PhD Students, Postdocs

The Gund Institute for Environment at UVM is welcoming ten community members, including a new Director of Policy Outreach, four postdoctoral researchers, and five PhD students.

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