Taylor Ricketts Returns From Costa Rica

Prof. Taylor Ricketts of UVM's Gund Institute

After 10 months in Costa Rica, we’re back home. I resumed my normal duties at UVM and Gund on July 1.

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Jane Kolodinsky with GMO labeled food product

Mandatory Labels Reduce GMO Food Fears

As the U.S. Department of Agriculture prepares guidelines for labeling products that contain genetically modified ingredients, a new study from the University of Vermont reveals that a simple disclosure can improve consumer attitudes toward GMO food.

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Carol Adair

The Dirt on Greenhouse Gases

The thousands of farms that quilt Vermont’s landscape, from the southern foothills of the Green Mountains to the shores of Lake Champlain and the Quebec border, have long made the state an icon of bucolic, healthy living. But what lies beneath the soil? And, more importantly, how does it impact the air above — the air that Vermonters and their global neighbors all breathe?           

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