Discovery drives action.

The Gund Institute targets environmental issues at the interface of four pressing themes: climate solutions, health and well-being, sustainable agriculture, and resilient communities.

These global issues are deeply connected. Focusing on their interactions plays to the interdisciplinary strengths and traditions at UVM, and positions Gund scholars to pursue novel and powerful research questions that accelerate solutions for people and the planet.

Connecting to global priorities

Gund research themes echo several United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. This connects our scholars to global priorities and increases opportunities for our research to impact policy.

To tackle these problems, scholars employ internationally recognized Gund strengths, including ecological economics, ecosystem services, complex systems, remote sensing, renewable energy systems, agroecology, and others.

All major Gund activities reflect the themes, including Catalyst Award seed grants, recruitment of new Fellows and Affiliates and annual research positions, Visiting Scholars and events.



Gund Climate Solutions Icon

Climate Solutions

From rising oceans to extreme weather, nature and people are feeling the impacts of climate change. Gund researchers are developing innovative solutions to reduce global warming and prepare for its impacts. Learn about Climate Solutions.



Health and wellbeing icon

Health and Well-being

The environment is critical to global health and well-being. Gund researchers are pioneering efforts to understand – and quantify – the causal links through which nature supports human health and well-being. Learn about Health and Well-Being.



Sustainable agriculture icon

Sustainable Agriculture

How can we feed a global population of 9 billion on a finite planet? From major agricultural sites to subsistence farming, Gund scholars work to confront this monumental challenge while protecting the natural systems that agriculture requires. Learn about Sustainable Agriculture.



Resilient communities icon

Resilient Communities

From megacities to rural towns, human settlements are being transformed by climate change, migration, and growth. Gund research helps to create communities that are truly resilient and sustainable. Learn about Resilient Communities.