Apply for Enrichment Funds.

The Gund Institute’s Enrichment Funds are available to accelerate research, fieldwork and professional development by Gund Fellows (faculty and graduate students) by covering small but important costs.

Priority will go to requests that involve matching funds, and especially to Fellows who leverage professional development funds from other UVM units.

Both students and faculty must submit their enrichment funds requests prior to any conference travel.

Faculty Fellows Enrichment Funds

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Gund Faculty Fellows can access enrichment funds to support fieldwork, data or materials needs, publication expenses, conference travel (if giving a presentation), and other small things that help initiate, complete, and communicate our research.

Funds of up to $5,000 can be requested as mini-seed funding for collaborative and interdisciplinary projects ideas related to Gund themes.

Application Process

Priority will go to requests that involve matching funds, and especially to Fellows who leverage professional development funds from other UVM units.

Application Requirements

  • Provide basics on the requested amount and intended use.
  • Describe how the funds will contribute to the intent of the Fellows Enrichment Fund.
  • Specify the amount of matching funds available from other sources, or the status of past or present requests from other sources.


Request Faculty Fellows Enrichment Funds

Student Enrichment Funds

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Student Enrichment Funds provide support for the research, scholarship and professional development of Gund Graduate Fellows. 

Student Enrichment Funds support a range of purposes, including research costs, conferences and travel, materials and training. All Gund Graduate Fellows are eligible to apply.

A portion of Enrichment Funds support workshops and professional development opportunities for all Gund Graduate Fellows.


  • Funds can be requested for conference travel (if presenting), workshop participation, research materials and costs, data needs, and other academic expenses.

Application Process

  • Students must seek matching funds to leverage Institute support, and priority will go to requests that have secured matching funds.
  • Priority will go to students who have received less Gund funding in the past.
  • Enrichment Funds are capped each fiscal year, and funding may run out.
  • There are separate forms for regular enrichment funds and RA-ships. 

Gund RA-Ships

  • Funding for RA-ships is dependent upon availability each year. As funding becomes available, all students will be notified.
  • This funding supports a .25 (10 hour) Research Assistantship as a bridge to other funding sources or to help with finishing a degree.
  • Students must currently be in a PhD program to request an RA-ship and can only do so once in their UVM career.
  • When funding availability allows, we will open applications in the Fall semester for funding for the following year and inform students of decisions by January.


Request Student Enrichment Funds