Respect Integrity Innovation

The Gund Institute for Environment strives to build a diverse and inclusive community of scholars and leaders, because it is essential to our mission and central to our vision for a sustainable world.

We define “diversity” as the full spectrum of cultural and socioeconomic affiliations that characterize individuals within society, and “inclusion” as valuing the contributions of that diversity to our work and community.

A diverse and inclusive institute will enhance the relevance and impact of our work, ensure our solutions represent those most affected by environmental challenges, address environmental injustice, diversify the environmental leadership of the future, and train those leaders to operate in diverse teams and environments.

Five Goals for Diversity and Inclusion

The Gund Institute's immediate-term goals to advance diversity, equity and inclusion include:

  • Build equity and justice into Gund research themes, which guide investments in research, outreach, and people.
  • Expand diversity training, with a focus on racial justice.
  • Amplify voices of BIPOC scholars through Gund events. 
  • Continue to emphasize diverse backgrounds and voices in our recruiting. 
  • Grow our DEI webpage into a community resource. 

Diversity and inclusion are a UVM strategic priority and central to Our Common Ground values. Learn more at Diversity and Inclusion at UVM.

Gund Ombuds

The Ombuds is an impartial and independent resource for Gund students, staff, and faculty for discussing and resolving DEIB concerns. 

Gund DEIB Committee


  • Gillian Galford
  • Rachelle Gould (co-chair)
  • Stephanie Hurley 
  • Bindu Panikkar (co-chair)
  • Julia Perdrial 
  • Travis Reynolds


  • Jayashree Yadav

Graduate Students

  • Lizah Makombore
  • Teresa Mungazi


  • Julianna White

Past Members

  • Pablo Bose
  • Harold Eyster
  • Alejandra Guzmán Luna
  • Katie Horner
  • Chris Koliba
  • Donna Rizzo
  • Stephanie Seguino
  • Nina Smolyar
  • Jeannine Valcour
  • Beverley Wemple