The Power of Partnerships

The Gund Institute for Environment accelerates real-world solutions for society by connecting leading researchers with leaders in government, business, and NGOs.

Through policy outreach, we inform policy and management practices and enhance the role of science in decision-making. We work closely with our partners to understand global environmental challenges, develop innovative solutions, and guide smarter decisions.

Our policy outreach program is designed to:

  • Connect Gund experts with decision-makers so that Gund research has broader impacts;
  • ​Align research efforts with the scientific needs of decision-makers;
  • ​Build capacity among Gund scholars to engage effectively with policymakers.

Innovative research, solutions, and expertise

With more than 50 faculty experts, our research has informed state and national policy on a wide range of topics, including clean air, water quality, forest management, flood risk reduction, economic progress, and endangered species. Gund Policy Briefs provide research insights into pressing issues and frame policy thinking and action.

We develop partnerships that connect research with impact. Our approach in partnerships prioritizes trust, respect, and clear communication. We work with stakeholders that have diverse concerns, values, and goals, such as locally-based refugee populations, state land trusts, federal policymakers, and global companies.

Meet our Policy Director

Gund Policy Director Stephen Posner

To discuss policy and partnership opportunities, contact Stephen Posner, Director of Policy Outreach. Stephen is an expert in science policy who connects Gund researchers across UVM with leaders in government, business, and NGOs – internationally, nationally, and in Vermont.


Stephen Posner
Gund Institute for Environment 
University of Vermont
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