Combination of Postdoctoral Fellows

Become a Gund Postdoctoral Fellow. 

The Gund Institute seeks exceptional postdoctoral scholars to conduct research on major global environmental challenges.

We seek early-career scholars to connect interdisciplinary research to real-world issues in environment and sustainability. Gund Postdocs pursue rigorous, original research that spans traditional disciplines and advances Gund research themes.

These two-year positions have an annual salary of $52,000, plus benefits, and a $5,000 per year discretionary fund for research costs and travel. Postdocs also benefit from professional development opportunities, including communications and policy training.

The Gund Institute is committed to building an inclusive environment where diverse voices and perspectives are active and welcome. We encourage applicants who bring diverse perspectives to our community.

Postdoctoral Fellow in Nature and Human Health

Green leaves

In addition to our general Fellowship opportunities above, we seek exceptional applicants for a new Postdoctoral Fellowship in Nature and Human Health. This research position will explore connections between global environmental change and human health outcomes.

Finding Advisors

  • Postdocs are supervised by at least one Gund Fellow as advisor or co-advisor.
  • If interested, contact potential advisors from among the Gund Fellows to discuss your ideas first. The best proposals are typically co-developed with potential advisors.
  • You will be asked to identify potential advisors on the application site, and the Institute will contact them during the review process. 


  • Candidates must have completed their PhD by the expected start date, and no earlier than 5 years before it.
  • Competitive candidates will have a strong record of success in their PhD program, a demonstrated commitment to interdisciplinary work, a keen interest in connecting research to policy and decisions, and high potential to become global leaders in sustainability.

Application Process

This year, we will conduct a two-stage recruitment process: 

  • We first invite Letters of Interest in November 2021, including a Letter of Interest (2 page max) and C.V.
  • In December 2021, we will invite a subset of applicants to submit a full application by February 2022, including a full research proposal and references.

See the InfoReady Portal for full instructions and Letter of Interest guidelines.


  • Develop additional collaborations with Gund Fellows and Affiliates on transdisciplinary research.
  • Participate actively in Gund seminars, trainings, gatherings, and other events hosted or sponsored by the Institute.
  • Communicate Gund affiliation in websites, emails, publications, and social media.
  • Acknowledge Gund financial support in resulting publications.

Diversity and Inclusion

The Gund Institute for Environment strives to build a diverse and inclusive community of scholars and leaders, because it is essential to our mission and central to our vision for a sustainable world.

We define “diversity” as the full spectrum of cultural and socioeconomic affiliations that characterize individuals within society, and “inclusion” as valuing the contributions of that diversity to our work and community.

A diverse and inclusive institute will enhance the relevance and impact of our work, ensure our solutions represent those most affected by environmental challenges, address environmental injustice, diversify the environmental leadership of the future, and train those leaders to operate in diverse teams and environments.

Postdocs Currently at UVM

While not eligible for this Fellowship, any UVM postdoc currently working with a Gund Fellow or Affiliate can join our interdisciplinary community as a Gund Postdoctoral Fellow. To do so, follow the nomination process below:

  • Postdoctoral Fellows must be pursuing postdoctoral research with at least one Fellow or Affiliate at UVM.
  • To apply, the interested individual emails a CV and letter of interest to the Institute Research Coordinator. The letter should describe relevant research interests and indicate plans to engage with the Gund community.
  • The Research Coordinator makes recommendations to the Director who makes final appointment decisions.
  • Individuals supported by Gund Postdoctoral Awards are automatically appointed as Postdoctoral Fellows of the Institute.

About the Gund Institute

The Gund Institute for Environment catalyzes environmental research, develops real-world solutions to global issues, and connects UVM with leaders in government, business and beyond. Based at the University of Vermont, the Gund Institute is a newly expanded campus-wide center for interdisciplinary research, where over 200 faculty, global affiliates, postdocs, and graduate students target environmental issues at the interface of four pressing themes: climate solutions, health and well-being, sustainable agriculture, and resilient communities.

About the University of Vermont

Since 1791, the University of Vermont has worked to move humankind forward. Today, UVM is a Public Ivy and top 100 research university of a perfect size, large enough to offer a breadth of ideas, resources, and opportunities, yet small enough to enable close faculty-student mentorship across all levels of study, from bachelor's to M.D. programs. Here, students' educational experience and activities are enriched by our location — from the energy and innovation of Burlington to the forests, farms, and independent spirit of Vermont. UVM provides students endless ways to explore the world, challenge ideas, and dig in on the most pressing issues of our time. 

Learn more about Burlington, Vermont, a top college town, known for its livability, access to nature and recreation, thriving food scene, and rising identity as a technology and innovation hub. 

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Key Dates

  • Applications Open: Fall 2021


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