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Join the Gund Leadership Academy

The Gund Leadership Academy (GLA) is a professional development program of workshops, panel discussions, and seminars that will help our graduate students and postdoctoral fellows become effective, confident, and influential leaders with their research.

The program will cover many elements of leadership, including research, publishing, communications, policy outreach, diversity and inclusion, and productivity. The trainings will be led by members of the Gund community who are leading experts in these key areas.

We have a broad vision of “leadership.” Some leaders have unmistakable presence, while others are quietly influential. The skills our graduate and postdoctoral Fellows will take from this program can be applied to any career direction—academia, nonprofit, or government.

About the program:

  • *Trainings comprise skills not generally taught in traditional credit courses.
  • *Trainers include UVM faculty, Gund staff, and outside experts.
  • *Trainings are 2-4 hours, casual, highly interactive, and reflect the direct experience of the instructor.
  • *Each training may be arranged as a presentation, panel discussion, or workshop.
  • *Participants will have the opportunity to provide suggestions and feedback.

We expect a high level of participation from our graduate students, including: at least 4 trainings for master’s students and 6 trainings for PhD students before they graduate, and at least 4 trainings for postdocs during their two-year fellowship. All Fellows are required to take one equity training.

The Gund will offer at least two trainings per semester and coordinate with other units to offer joint opportunities. Currently, these trainings are not offered for credit, but we will explore that option as the program develops.

Fall 2022 Events

Policy Engagement Workshop

Photo of Gund Director of Policy Stephen Posner.

Facilitator: Stephen Posner, Gund Director of Policy
Panelists: Policy practitioners to be confirmed.

Wednesday, Sept. 28 from 10am-12pm

This workshop will empower participants to engage with policymakers and share what they do, what they know – and most importantly, why it matters – in clear, lively terms. Participants will learn from a panel of practitioners about how research and policy interact. We will prepare for opportunities to engage with policy through facilitated discussion, hands-on practice, and concrete tips and tools.

2 hours total, followed by an optional lunch with the panelists. RSVPs will be required. 

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Getting the Resources You Need for Your Research: Grant Writing

Photo of UVM Gund Fellow Lini Wollenberg.

Facilitators: Lini Wollenberg is a Gund Fellow and Research Professor at UVM, and Tom Dietz is a Gund Affiliate and University Distinguished Professor at Michigan State University.

Friday, Nov. 4, 2-4pm

Two experienced grant writers will lead this workshop providing real-world examples of proposals that get funded and ones that don’t. We’ll explore what goes into a proposal and what funders are looking for. Whether you’re new to the process or have been engaging in RFP cycles for years, you’ll benefit from this workshop.

2 hours total. RSVPs will be required. 

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Science Communication: Connecting with Your Audience to Share the Wonder and Joy of Your Research

Photo of Vermont Comedy Club's Natalie Miller

Facilitator: Natalie Miller, Vermont Comedy Club

Wednesday, Dec. 7 from 2-4pm

Through this interactive workshop with Natalie Miller (Vermont Comedy Club), you’ll learn productive and effective communication strategies through improv exercises that teach us to listen closely and pay attention to our audiences. This will be a fun and participatory workshop on building your skills for more effective research communication with your stakeholders, policymakers, colleagues, advisors, future employers, the general public, or even your neighbor! This is an in-person-only session and space is limited.

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Future Trainings

• Open Access Science
• Working with Communities
• Public Speaking
• Project Management
• Best Practices for Peer Reviews
• Research for Policy Impact
• Time Management
• Grant-writing
• Media Training
• Non-Academic Careers for PhDs
• Antiracism in STEM
• Writing for a Public Audience


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