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School of Business Administration Change of Major/Minor/Concentration Form

Please fill out the following form if you wish to change your major, minor or concentration in the School of Business Administration or you wish to change from another College into the School of Business Administration If you are unsure of what is currently declared on your record, you can check the Student Information System.

The following information will be sent to the School of Business Administration for approval. If approved, your request will be forwarded to the Registrar's Office for processing.

SECTION I - Student Information

Purpose of form:

  1. Change in Major, Minor and/or Concentration
  2. Adding Major, Minor and/or Concentration
  3. Removing Major, Minor and/or Concentration
  4. Combination of the above (e.g. Add Major 2, Remove Minor)
  5. Request for Dual Degree

    Apply to switch from my current College to the School of Business

If changing Colleges, please indicate your current College and major: Example: "Arts & Sciences, English"
Please also complete the following internal transfer application and return it to Student Services, 101 Kalkin.

SECTION II - Please indicate the major, minor and/or concentration you wish to declare. If you currently have a minor or concentration declared and wish to remove it without replacing it with another option, please select remove next to the appropriate entry. If you have two minors and wish to remove one of them, please indicate which one is to be removed in the Comments box.

Select Major 1:

Select Concentration:

Select Second Concentration:

Instructions for declaring a minor:

The following minors are only available to students majoring in a program in the College of Arts and Sciences: English, Film and Television Studies, and Psychology.

Some minors are not approved to count towards your general education discipline concentration. For example, Recreation Management is a minor, but is not approved as a general education discipline concentration.

*In order to declare a Special Education minor, please contact Roman Vogel (Roman.Vogel@uvm.edu) in the Special Education program.

**In order to declare a minor in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, you must complete the following application, and meet with an advisor in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. CALS minors include: Animal Science; Community Entrepreneurship; Community & International Development; Consumer Affairs; Consumer & Advertising; Applied Design; Biochemistry; Ecological Agriculture;  Food Systems; Green Building & Community Design; Microbiology; Molecular Genetics; Nutrition and Food Sciences; Plant Biology; Public Communication; Soil Science; and Sustainable Landscape Horticulture.

Select Minor 1: * Minors not listed require approval from the department. Please see details above.

Select Minor 2:

Select General Education Field Concentration:

Select General Education Discipline Concentration:

Which catalog edition are you following? (required) For the majority of students, it's the first semester you entered UVM as a degree student.

For questions you can contact the School of Business Administration at studentservices@bsad.uvm.edu or 802-656-4015.

Comments: (To ensure we have your correct information, please list which major(s), minor(s) and/or concentration(s) you are pursuing)

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