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Find helpful tips and information for final exams. 

Final Exam Schedule - Spring 2021

Note to Faculty:

  • We are still working on finding spaces for some of the large final exams so you may see a date and time, but no room. All INPR courses will be scheduled a room unless you indicated that you will not be offering a final. The page will be updated the week of February 8th.
  • If you have a MIXD class and we did not receive a response via the spreadsheet that was sent out to Department Chairs, a final exam space was NOT reserved for your class. If you need a room, please email as soon as possible and indicate whether you will need a space large enough for the entire class or if the room your class meets in will suffice.
  • If your class meets in a non-GP space, please verify with your department that the space is available during the corresponding final exam time.
  • If your course is showing an error (*** ERROR) in the date and time field this will be fixed shortly.
  • If your INPR class will not be holding a final exam or you will not need a room please complete the Opt-Out form.

Knowing how to effectively prepare for finals is key to making the grade. Here are some tips to make exam time go smoothly. 

Use the library. Stop by the reference desk for assistance with an assignment or your studies. Howe librarians can help you refine your topic, develop research questions, locate appropriate sources, format citations or bibliographies, and more. There are no questions too big or too small. For more personalized and in-depth assistance, email or schedule an appointment with the subject librarian in your area.

Don’t cram at the last minute. Try studying for an hour or 90 minutes per day for a week leading up to an exam. All-nighters don't work for most people, and attempting to study for four and five hours straight the night before the exam doesn't pay off.

Study with a group only if it makes sense. Many students believe that a study group always affords an advantage: more brain power and motivation to study. It doesn't always pay off in the end. If you're better at studying alone, take that route. 

Go to the review session. One of the best resources during exam time is the review session. This is when your professor or TA will  often summarize high points of the course, do sample questions or problems, or give study tips. 

Use all of the exam time allotted. Many students leave the exam room before time is up. There are always problems to be reviewed or essays to proofread.