Blue by Explorance

Blue course evaluation software was adopted by UVM in Fall 2019. Blue by Explorance is a centralized online evaluation tool with decentralized control and access. It automates invitation and administration of surveys to students, compiles data anonymously and securely, and delivers private, comprehensive reports to faculty members.

Blue is also integrated with Blackboard so students may access surveys in this familiar location as well.

Course Evaluation Schedule

Mid-Term Course Evaluations - Fall 2021
Applicable to CAS Biology, CNHS DPT, Public Health, and CEMS only.
Deadline to submit new or to make changes to existing surveys*Sep 10
DIG tasks open for DIG AdminsSep 20 - Oct 1
Mid-Term evaluations period**Oct 11 - 22
All reports publishedOct 25 - 26


End-of-Term Course Evaluations - Fall 2021
Deadline to submit new or to make changes to existing surveys*Sep 24
DIG tasks open for DIG AdminsOct 4 - 29
End-of-Term evaluations period**Nov 15 - Dec 17
All reports publishedDec 23 - 24


Course Evaluations - Summer 2021
Deadline to submit new or to make changes to existing surveys*Apr 23
DIG tasks open for DIG AdminsMay 10 - Jun 4
Evaluation period**Jun 14 - Aug 20
All reports publishedAug 24 - 25


Mid-Term Course Evaluations - Spring 2021
Applicable to CAS Biology, CNHS DPT, and CEMS only.
Deadline to submit new or to make changes to existing surveys*Feb 12
DIG tasks open for DIG AdminsMar 1 - 12
Mid-Term evaluations period**Mar 22 - Apr 2
All reports publishedApr 6 - 7


End-of-Term Course Evaluations - Spring 2021
Deadline to submit new or to make changes to existing surveys*Feb 26
DIG tasks open for DIG AdminsMar 15 - Apr 9
End-of-Term evaluations period**Apr 19 - May 18
All reports publishedMay 24 - 25

*Department Chairs: If your department is not yet using Blue and would like to, please contact by the date noted (by term) to start the onboarding process.
**This period is the maximum amount of time a department may choose to open course evaluations for students. Faculty: Please contact your DIG Admin (below) for the exact start and end dates for your particular course.

Data Integrity Gateway (DIG) for Department DIG Admins

UVM has licensed the Blue Data Integrity Gateway (DIG). Each term, DIG Administrators complete a data review task via DIG before evaluations are published for students. The task includes a review and adjustment of the unit’s Banner courses and their attributes: instructor(s), survey assigned to a given course, and evaluation start and end dates. DIG Admins act as the contact for any information regarding these data points.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Agriculture and Life Sciences - Dean Emma Lane
Animal and Veterinary Sciences Lee Andors
Community Development and Applied Economics Tina Haskins 
Julie Starr
Nutrition and Food Sciences Ann Martin
Plant Biology Sarah Goodrich
Plant and Soil Science Anne Marie Resnik


College of Arts and Sciences
Anthropology Margaret Gilman
Art and Art History Nickie Fleury
Arts and Sciences - Dean Candace Smith (interim)
Asian Languages and Literature Alice Wang
Biology Aaron Robinson
Chemistry Andrea Lucey
Renee Berteau
Classics Candace Smith (interim)
Economics Barbara Stewart
English Beth Wilbur
Holly Brevent
Lynn Cawthon
Geography vacant 
Geology Robin Hopps
German and Russian Brian Minier
History Ande Tagliamonte 
Shari Dike
Linguistics Rubin Goldberg
Tilza Buschner
Music Andy Aquino
Philosophy Andrew Malcovsky
Physics Beth Stinebring
Political Science Candace Smith
Psychological Science Cyn Sullivan
Cynthia Snyder
Religion Candace Smith (interim)
Romance Languages and Cultures Rubin Goldberg
Tilza Buschner
Sociology Salli Griggs
Theatre and Dance Kellie Fleury


College of Education and Social Services
All departments Amanda Simpfenderfer


College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
All departments Doug Dickey


College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Biomedical and Health Sciences Anne MacLeod
Communication Sciences and Disorders Nicholas Lawrence
Dale Thibault
Nursing Christina Adamczak
Kevin Perry
Rehabilitation and Movement Science Heather Sliwoski
Tish Boldwin


Biochemistry Sylvie Doublie
Environmental Studies Emma Lane
Food Systems Allison Spain
Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Megan Bartlett 
Marian Miller 
Rebecca Guy 
Douglas Johnson


Graduate College
Cell Biology Jessica Deaette


Grossman School of Business
All departments Jen O'Donnell


Honors College
All departments Simone Blaise-Glaunsinger


Larner College of Medicine
Public Health Lisa LaMantia


Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
All departments Chelsea Davidson