Course Withdrawal Policy

Fall and Spring: From the eleventh day of instruction until the second business day after the 60% point in the semester, students may withdraw from courses. To do so, students must use the registration system to withdraw from the course. The student's advisor(s) and dean(s) will be notified. The instructor(s) will be aware of the withdrawal by the Withdraw status on the class roster and the presence of a grade of W on the grade roster. Between the second business day after the 60% point in the semester and the last day of classes, students may withdraw from one or more courses only by demonstrating to their college/school studies committee, through a written petition, that they are unable to continue in the courses(s) due to circumstances beyond their control. Such petition must contain conclusive evidence, properly documented, of the illness or other situation preventing completion of the course(s). Acceptable reasons do not include dissatisfaction with performance or expected grade, dissatisfaction with the course or instructor, or desire to change major or program. If the petition is approved, a grade of W will be assigned and recorded on the student's permanent record. If the petition is denied, the instructor(s) will assign a final grade (A-F) in accordance with the same criteria applied to all other students in the course(s).

Summer: Withdrawal dates are published for each section on the class schedule listing page.

Students withdraw from a course(s) via myUVM. This online process is only available during the withdrawal period.

NOTE: You may not be able to withdraw online if you have a certain hold on your account. If you are unable to request a withdrawal following the steps below, please download and complete the withdrawal form (PDF) and return it to our office. This form is not valid after the withdrawal period ends.

Instructions for Withdrawing

  1. Log into myUVM and in the My Classes channel on the Registrar tab click on the Add/Drop/Withdraw button or link.
  2. Select term.
  3. On the Add/Drop/Withdraw Classes page check the box under Request Withdrawal next to the appropriate course.
  4. Click on Submit.

The status of the course will then display "Withdrawal is pending until" followed by the expiration date of the request.

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that students discuss course withdrawals with their instructors and advisors before the pending date expires. Please note that if the student is a Financial Aid recipient, by submitting the request to withdraw from a course the student is also accepting that he/she has reviewed his/her course registration and intends to remain enrolled in and will attend all classes for which he/she is registered for that semester.

An email is sent to the student, the instructor(s), the advisor(s) and the student's dean's office(s) with the subject line:
Student Withdrawal from Section - Term.

"Withdrawn" will also display on the instructor's class roster page in the "Reg Status" column.