Please be advised that the deadline for all students to declare the at-home learner option for Spring 2021 has passed.

In addition to reading the following FAQs, as a first step, students are strongly advised to consult with advisors in their Student Services/Student Success offices, and any college, school, or program-specific guidance materials. Please note the following contact information for your Student Services/Student Success Office:

I am currently an at-home learning option student for Fall 2020. Do I need to fill out the form again?

Yes. Any at-home elections were for Fall 2020 only, so you must submit a Spring 2021 at-home election form to continue your at-home learning option status. Please be advised this option is no longer available to undergraduate students.

I did not choose the at-home option in Fall 2020. Am I still eligible to choose it for Spring 2021?

Yes. This option is open to all new and returning undergraduate, graduate, certificate, and continuing and distance education students, even if you did not choose the at-home option in Fall 2020.  Please be advised that the deadline for all students to request the at-home learner option has passed.

I am a new first year or transfer student entering UVM in Spring 2021. Can I elect the at-home learning option?

No. Unfortunately, the deadline for all students to declare the at-home learner option for Spring 2021 has passed.

What should I do if I change my mind?

Please be advised that undergraduate students are no longer able to reverse their at-home learner status. For graduate and CDE students, if you submitted the form electing the at-home option and later change your mind, we will do our best to accommodate your in-person return to campus in the spring. We cannot guarantee the availability of on-campus housing or individual on-campus/in-person courses should you revoke your at-home election. It will also take time to revise any financial aid award you may receive based on a change from the at-home option to on-campus option. In addition, you will be required to follow the COVID-19 testing and quarantine protocols. If you need to change your decision and would like to be an on-campus student in the spring, please email the Registrar's Office as soon as possible.  Requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

I am a graduate student. Is this option available to me?

Unfortunately, the deadline to request the exception has passed.

I have a graduate assistantship. Is this option available to me?

Yes, as long as the supervisor of your assistantship (GTA, GRA, GA) confirms that all work will be accomplished remotely; however, please be advised that the deadline to submit the exception request has passed.

I am a continuing and distance ed student. Is this option available to me?

Yes, as long as all your courses are remote or online and there are no other activities for which you need to be on campus; however, the deadline to request an exception has passed.

How do I get more information about this option?

To help you with your decision-making process, please refer to the following:

   Spring 2021 Return to Housing
   Spring 2021 UVM Strong Update - Video Recording

What is the deadline for choosing the at-home option for Spring 2021?

The deadline for submitting the at-home learner option was Friday, November 13 and is no longer available for students.

What do I need to do to choose this option?

The deadline for all students to declare the at-home learner option for Spring 2021 has passed. If you are under the age of 18, you will need to return a scanned copy of the form that includes a parent/guardian signature to the Registrar's Office.  If you are a graduate student, your form will be routed to the Graduate College for approval.  If you are a non-degree student your form will be routed to Continuing and Distance Education for approval.

Can I choose the at-home option and still live in Burlington?

Students who choose the at-home option must follow the following rules regarding their residence during the Spring 2021 semester:

  • First years, sophomores, or other students who have not completed their 4-semester on-campus residency requirement must reside in their officially listed permanent residence
  • Undergraduate students who have met their on-campus housing requirement, graduate students, and certificate and non-degree students may reside locally off-campus if they choose

At-home students will not have CATcard access to on-campus facilities, and will not be able to register for classes with required in-person instruction or experiences.

I am a student and have a job that requires me to go to campus or UVM facilities, need to do research in a lab, or plan to attend campus events, activities, meetings. Can I choose the at-home option if I don’t have any in-person classes?

No. Because they are excused from the testing protocol, Spring 2021 at-home students may not come to campus for any reason in Spring 2021. This includes coming to campus or UVM facilities for work, research, meetings, activities, to pick up library materials, or visits to campus offices, faculty, staff, or students. Most services, clubs, activities, meetings with faculty or staff will continue to be conducted remotely.  This applies to Work-Study, Temp student employees, GTA/GRA/GA, or Predoctoral trainees.

I am a faculty or staff member who is taking courses. Can I choose the at-home option if I don’t have any in-person classes?

Yes, as long as all your courses are online or remote and you meet the following criteria:

  • You are able to telework 100% of the time, and are not coming to a UVM facility for any reason; or
  • You are only coming to a UVM facility for work, and agree that you will not participate in any on-campus activities or go to any UVM facilities unless doing so is directly related to your work. This means, for example, that you may not elect the at-home option if you go to the library, meet in-person with a professor or advisor, or participate in an in-person group project with other students.

Will I need to make the Green and Gold promise if I choose the at-home option?

Yes. Even though at-home students will not come to campus this semester, the Green and Gold Promise contains useful information that can be applied to your daily activities regardless of learning location. Some sections or points of the Green and Gold Promise that refer to on-campus rules will not apply directly to your at-home situation. However, this promise to care for your health, the health of those around you, and the health of your community reflects Common Ground Values of respect, responsibility, and integrity that we ask all Catamounts to uphold, especially during this time.

Please make your promise before the first day of classes on February 1. At-home students who have not made their Green and Gold Promise by February 1 will be subject to account holds that will preclude the ability to conduct necessary campus business and access important services. The account hold will be lifted after you make the promise.

Do I need to follow testing protocols for COVID-19?

Students who are approved for the at-home option are exempt from the UVM testing protocol for COVID-19 with the exception of students residing in Burlington, South Burlington, or Winooski. Students living in these municipalities will still need to follow the UVM testing protocol. Students are able to request an exemption as long as they do not plan on coming to campus and are not living, meeting, or socializing with any student, faculty, or staff who are coming to campus.

When will I know which classes will be available to students staying at home?

The Spring 2021 Schedule of Courses (SOC) will be available in near-final form on October 26th. This SOC will list course modalities available to at-home students (ONL and REMT), as well as contain "YY" sections for those MIXD courses in which at-home students can enroll.  Some changes will likely be made before the final schedule is available November 7th.  After that point, changes to the SOC will be made only in exceptional cases.

How do I know which courses are open to at-home students?

Beginning October 26th, you can use the look up classes to add feature on the Registrar page in myUVM and search for the following attributes: ATHM, ONL, REMT. Please refer to revised instructional modes for academic year 2020-2021 for more information about which courses are available for students choosing this option.

Will at-home students have priority registration for Spring 2021?

Spring 2021 will follow the original schedule with no specific priority registration for at-home students. You can find your registration date and time on the Registrar page in myUVM. Click on the check registration status (view holds) link in the Your Courses section. Choose Spring 2021 as the term and you will see the registration times available to you.

I am planning to take lab courses, studio courses, and/or experiential learning courses in the Spring. Will I be able to take those classes if I am an at-home student?

It depends. Some courses will be available with remote or online lab, studio, and experiential components, but others will not be available. Courses that can be taken by at-home students will have modalities of ONL, REMT, or have a YY section for a MIXD modality course. If you are in a program that requires clinical or practicum experiences this fall, you should check with your Dean’s Office about remote options.

Will taking the at-home option slow my progress towards my degree?

Before electing the at-home option for Spring 2021, students should consider possible impacts on their progress towards their degrees. While most students will be able to create a schedule that includes electives and other courses that fulfill either general education requirements, major, or minor requirements, students whose programs require extensive lab, experiential, clinical, or practical coursework may not be able to include those classes if they choose the at-home option. Students are responsible for understanding the impact of their new schedules on their progress towards their degrees.

Will my At-Home status prevent me from participating in the commencement ceremony?

"At Home" status will not prevent students from participating in commencement ceremonies, but if ceremonies are held on campus, students will need to comply with any travel restrictions and quarantine requirements in effect at the time, and will need to comply as well with any additional UVM rules. Stay tuned to the Commencement website for updates.

What if I am a first-time first-year or a newly admitted transfer student and I wish to defer to Fall 2021?

Students looking to defer to Fall 2021 should submit their requests in writing to The request should include details about the reason for the deferral.

Students can typically expect to hear from the Office of Admissions via email regarding the status of their requests within two business days.

Can I defer my offer of admission and retain my University Merit Scholarship?

Students who formally defer an offer of admission will retain their original merit scholarship offer.

I am a first-year student. Will I lose my spot in my Residential Learning Community? Will I be able to participate in any activities during the Spring semester?

First year students choosing the at-home option will be able to participate in Learning Community activities designed to enhance connections between members of each residential learning community.

What if I am a continuing student and I wish to take a Leave of Absence?

Continuing students interested in taking a Leave of Absence should contact the Student Services office within their college/school in order to discuss their options and to complete required paperwork.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences:
College of Arts and Sciences:
College of Education and Social Services:
College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences:
College of Nursing and Health Sciences:
Grossman School of Business:
Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources:
Graduate College:

Can I take a Leave of Absence and retain my University Merit Scholarship?

University Merit Scholarships generally require that students maintain continuous, full-time enrollment and a minimum cumulative GPA of at least 3.00. However, students may take an approved leave of absence for up to two consecutive semesters and retain merit scholarship eligibility provided they continue to meet all other eligibility requirements. Only terms in which you actually receive a scholarship payment count toward the 8 semester maximum scholarship eligibility limit.

Learn more about how a leave of absence impacts financial aid, scholarships, and student loan repayment.

How does a Leave of Absence impact financial aid and student loan repayment?

Please refer to the following for more information about how a leave of absence may impact financial aid, scholarships, and loan repayment.

Will my financial aid award change if I choose the at-home option for Spring 2021?

There will be no change in academic year 2020-21 tuition or comprehensive fees for students who choose the at-home option. Financial aid awards for students who were scheduled or required to live on campus will be revised to reflect the reduced housing and meal costs. Living at home will not impact any UVM merit-scholarships for which you are currently eligible. Student Financial Services will make every effort to minimize the impact of this option on grant awards, reducing grants only if required under federal regulations. Each student's award will be reviewed and revised individually. In the great majority of cases, the choice to live at home rather than on campus will reduce what students and families would otherwise need to borrow or pay directly.

I need supports from Student Accessibility Services (SAS). Will these be available to me if I choose the at-home option?

Yes. SAS will continue to support students remotely and work with them to ensure that their accommodations are implemented while they are learning from home.

What remote services are available if I am learning from home in the spring?

Students learning from home will be able to access a range of services such as tutoring, writing support, digital library resources and reference librarian consultations, Helpline computer support, and advising appointments.

How can I access library materials I need for my classes if I am learning from home?

All students have access to library help lines (chat, email, and phone calls with reference librarians), research consultations (in-depth consultations with librarians), all electronic materials (electronic databases, ejournals, and ebooks), scanning services (e.g., scanned chapters from print books and scanned articles from journals), and even in some cases mailed copies of print books. A summary of services for students who are not on campus can be found on the UVM Libraries website.

What will my courses be like if I choose the at-home option for the spring?

UVM faculty worked incredibly hard to learn new technologies, teaching techniques, and course design methods in order to offer students excellent online and remote options throughout this year. At-home option students may end up taking online courses where all the work is completed online and there are few if any live meetings except office hours or group work, remote streaming courses where the instructor teaches a live class interacting with students who are all in different locations, or designated mixed instruction courses where some students are in the classroom, and others join remotely (not all mixed instruction courses will be open to at-home students).

If I choose a mixed instruction course that has an at-home (YY) section, will I be graded differently than students in the classroom?

No, all course material (learning goals, assignments, and exams) will be the same for on-campus and at-home students. However, some courses may use exam proctoring software for remote students, but in-person proctoring for on-campus students.

Does my selection for spring impact Winter Session classes?

Courses offered during the Winter Session are considered part of the Spring term. If you are planning on taking Winter Session courses you will register at the same time you register for Spring courses. Almost all January 2021 Winter Session courses are offered as REMT or ONL and are therefore available to all students regardless of your selected learning option for the Spring 2021 semester. If you have declared the At-Home option for the Spring 2021 semester, then you must continue to abide by the At-Home agreement during Winter Session as indicated in the Provost's October 8 Memo.

How will exams be administered for remote students?

This will vary from course to course. For classes with exams, faculty may choose to use exam proctoring software. Information about the software should be included in the course syllabus.

Will students electing the Spring at-home option be able to take a Summer 2021 course tuition-free?

No. While a free summer course was offered as an incentive to undergraduate students to choose the at-home option early and assist in de-densifying the campus, this cannot be offered to students who choose the Spring 2021 at-home option.