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Online learning and support is a new way for many of us to experience academics. From how to connect with your advisor, or how to meet with peer tutors or manage your accommodations-- there is a lot to figure out. The Center for Academic Success (CFAS) is here to introduce you to your comprehensive support network at UVM, and to shed light on the ways to access services and support.

Whether or not you've utilized on campus or remote services in the past, faculty and staff are available and eager to support you now. Academic support is only a click or call away.

For even more information, visit this page to check out UVM resources for student success in and beyond the classroom.

CFAS Guide to Online Academic Success

We recognize that establishing academic support is part of a much larger puzzle to become a successful online learner. These tips will make online learning environment easier: 

Prepare your workspace

  • Do your best to find or create a workspace that aligns with the ways you learn best. An ideal space for many is quiet, organized, distraction-free, technologically ready, and available for use when you need it.
  • Put your devices on "do not disturb" and unplug from social media while doing class work.
  • While on breaks, try to do so in a different space in order to maintain a “work-only zone.”

Make a plan, and stick to a schedule

  • Use a calendar to keep track of your classes, when you plan to do homework, when assignments are due -- and everything in between.
  • Don’t know where to begin? Sign up for a Study Skills session to learn how to effectively manage your time.
  • Pro Tip: Color coordinate your classes on your calendar to keep track of class time, when assignments are due, and when you plan to study with peers. You can also create to-do lists with your peers to establish accountability and stay connected with classmates.

Stay focused

  • Going to class is one thing, but being present is another! Stay engaged in class by reading your textbooks in advance of class time, asking questions, and taking notes.
  • Explore techniques for note-taking, or get tips for organizing your readings here.
  • It’s also good to explore online test-taking strategies to ensure you’re ready for what’s in store.

Access support

  • From academic advising or tutoring to accommodations and writing support, there are many resources available to you.
  • Schedule a meeting with your academic advisor (via UVM Navigate) to create your academic plan, and connect with a specialist from Student Accessibility Services if you’re seeking academic accommodations.
  • From there, meet with a tutor to better understand and explore your course materials, or connect with peers in the Writing Center to review assignments, brainstorm ideas, and get organized.
  • It’s important to build academic supports into your schedule -- and there is always someone available to help.

Tend to your wellbeing

  • You can’t succeed without you! From physical and mental health to self-care, it’s important to listen to yourself and honor what you need to succeed.
  • Take some time to consider your needs and goals as a learner. For wellness tips and resources, explore the many offerings of Living Well and the Center for Health and Wellbeing.

Consider community

  • Stay motivated and engaged in your online learning experience by reaching out to your classmates and peer supports.
  • Try to connect with others who share similar interests, and establish a group study routine and opportunities for community-building. You are part of  collabortive, co-generative, and engaged community -- enjoy and rely on each other!



CFAS is here to help you make connections across the university.

With so much to learn, we do our best to connect the dots. This page offers guidance for remote learning and provides clear pathways to student support services. As you scroll down you'll find links and other resources to help you thrive in your learning environment.

Tutoring Center

Did you know that all student receive free tutoring at UVM? Not only that, all Fall 2020 Tutoring Center services are facilitated over Microsoft Teams -- so no matter where you are in the world, your CFAS peers are here to support you. Our CFAS tutors are equipped to review either specific subject area content or general study skills.

Schedule an appointment through Navigate.

Student Accessibility Services

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) knows that everyone's learning experience is unique. SAS is committed to equitable learning experience here at UVM, and as such their program provides remote services and accommodations to all UVM students who have current documentation of a disability that substantially limits one or more major life activities, including but not limited to walking, talking, learning, hearing, or seeing. Accommodations can be applied to both in-person and online courses.

If you are in need of accommodations or have further questions, please contact SAS at Their staff is eager to support you at a distance and through your whole path at UVM!

Writing Centers

Looking to put finishing touches on a paper? Having trouble getting started? Got an idea but unsure how to outline successfully? Our Undergraduate Writing Center has got you covered. With over fifty Writing Center peer tutors, you've always got someone on your side to support your academic, professional, and personal writing projects. Visit the Undergraduate Writing Center to learn more about this inclusive, productive, comfortable, confidential, and distraction-free peer-tutoring environment. 

Feeling nervous or apprehensive about connecting with peers? That's totally normal, and you are welcome as you are-- nerves and all! At UVM our success is collaborative, so these peers on on your team. Peer tutors are here to share more than their expertise -- they're here to tell you about their UVM experience, provide resources, and help you achieve your goals. 

College and School Student Services

With remote appointments, your college or school is always here to help. Find guidance and support for choosing and declaring a major, selecting and registering for courses, exploring academic opportunities, reviewing and fulfilling academic requirements, preparing for graduation, and more. From Academic Advisors and Dean's Office Staff, your college or school is here for you. 

Visit this page for quick links, location and contact information for your college or school.

UVM Navigate

Hoping to connect with a peer tutor, academic advisor, or other students in your classes? With an app to schedule an appointment, connection has never been easier. Download Navigate to schedule and manage remote appointments with advisor and tutors, and to establish virtual study buddies in your classes. 

To download the free app, search “Navigate Student” in app stores. Learn more at

Blackboard and Blackboard Tutorials

Whether you're on campus or learning from home, Blackboard is the primary source for you to access your academic materials. Getting familiar with how to use this program is essential for in-person and online learning.

We get that adopting a new tool can be challenging -- but you can learn to use Blackboard’s features in minutes by watching their short and engaging Help videos on their YouTube channel! You can see the full list of student videos here and choose which ones you want to watch, or you can view multiple videos in a row about a particular topic you may need assistance with.

You can also access their general Student Help Page for questions here.

Registration Information

There is a lot to keep track of when registering for classes-- but you've got remote support for that. From knowing when to register, to what to register for, there is a lot to organize. One way to stay on track is with your self-guided Degree Audit. This process allows you to monitor your progress toward your degree-- learn more here. Another important step is to check for accounts holds (via the “check registration status (view holds)” button in your myUVM portal. Resolving holds in advance will ensure that you can sign up for classes during your designated time. 

For all other academic-related questions, visit the Academic FAQs for Fall 2020 webpage.

Office of International Education

The Office of International Education has a two-pronged approach to support international learning and cultural exchange at UVM. First, OIE supports students and faculty from UVM who are looking to study abroad internationally. Second, OIE supports international students and faculty with coming to UVM.  They can help you open the door to international education - whatever your academic goals are, and wherever you are achieving them. Get to know them today, and consider them a part of your UVM network of support!

Office of Community-Engaged Learning

The Office of Community-Engaged Learning is all about connecting you and your academics to a world beyond the classroom. Learn about academic service-learning through remote courses, research, and internships, both in the Burlington community and around the world. Be a part of the global Catamount experience.

Office of Fellowships, Opportunities, & Undergraduate Resources

Similarly to The Office of Community-Engaged Learning, the Office of Fellowships, Opportunities, & Undergraduate Resources (FOUR) can help you apply your studies beyond the classroom, and into action. They offer an array of remote resources for all UVM students to help apply research and scholarly engagement via experiential learning. UVM students can engage in original research or assist in an area of inquiry they are interested in. Learn more about the different opportunities available with FOUR here.

Student Athlete Academic Support

UVM is committed to excellence in academics for student athletes. The Student-Athlete Development staff provides comprehensive remote academic support and services for UVM student-athletes, and is also home to a strong community of student leaders. These services are tailored to meet individual needs, and all services are in compliance with NCAA, America East Conference and University guidelines for academic integrity and ethical behavior. Get to know this community, and your place within it, today.

Career Center

Careers are collaborative and often build upon your academic interests. The UVM Career Center is home to professional Career Counselors and Career Peer Mentors that are here to aid in your career exploration and actualization. Begin with the Career Center by checking out Handshake - UVM’s powerful platform for connecting students to employers, job and internship opportunities, career resources, event information and more! Once in Handshake, join a Career Interest Group and start building your network of peers, faculty, staff, employers, and alum who are all interested in the same things as you. Learn more about Career Interest Groups and how to join here.

UVM Howe Library

Howe Library offers a multitude of services for students including, but not limited to, access to library materials, study areas, multimedia services, and classroom technology services. These resources can be accessed by both in-person and online learners. To learn more about what services are available, please check out the Fall 2020 Services webpage. You should also keep up to date with rules and regulations before visiting the library in person by checking out the Visiting the Howe Library webpage.

Login and Tech Support

You will use your UVM NetID and password to log into many resources. If you need to change or reset your UVM NetID password, please visit If you do not know your UVM NetID, or need any additional tech support, contact the UVM Help Line. If you experience any connectivity Issues, start here.