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Dates to register for classes and make class modifications at UVM

UVM's online registration system allows you to look up courses being offered, make changes to your schedule, and check your account for any holds that might prevent you from registering for courses. The registration system is typically available from 7:00AM until midnight (Eastern Time).

PLEASE NOTE: Fall 2020 registration will be temporarily suspended effective July 6 so that the Schedule of Courses can be adjusted. Transfer students attending the July 13 transfer session will still be able to register on July 13. Registration will reopen as follows:

Revised Fall 2020 Registration Schedule
(registration opens at 6:00AM EDT)
Registration GroupRegistration Opens
Undergraduate students (choosing At-Home option)July 14
Undergraduate (not choosing At-Home option), Graduate, Medical, Certificate studentsJuly 23
Undergraduate First-time first-year studentsJuly 27
Continuing and Distance Education studentsJuly 30


Fall 2020 Registration Schedule
Registration GroupRegistration Opens
Graduate, Medical, and Certificate StudentsApril 6
Seniors (87 or more completed credits)April 7
Juniors (57.0 to 86.9 completed credits)April 8 
Sophomores (27.0 to 56.9 completed credits)April 9
First Year Students (0 to 26.9 completed credits)April 10

Continuing and Distance Education Students 

May register for CDE sections or sections open to degree and CDE students. Please check section comments for "open to degree and CDE students" notation.

April 20
(beginning at 6:00 a.m. EDT)

All Students - Level Restrictions Removed

Degree students may register in CDE sections and CDE students may register in day sections

August 17
(beginning at 6:00 a.m. EDT)


Summer 2020 Registration Schedule
Registration GroupRegistration Opens

All Students 

February 19
(beginning at 7:00 a.m. EST)


Future Registration Dates
Registration TermRegistration Opens
Spring 2021November 16, 2020
Fall 2021April 5, 2021


Winter Session Information 

Courses offered during the winter break are considered a part of the Spring term. Credits earned upon the successful completion of these courses will be included in your Spring total. You may register for Winter Session courses at the same time you register for Spring courses. Please check your registration status via myUVM for the exact date and time you may start registering. Winter Session courses are listed in the Spring semester's course listings and are identifiable by section numbers with the following prefixes: WC (on campus), WQ (online), and WW (travel). Grades for Winter Session are available to students at the end of the Spring term.