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The General Education Program reflects the faculty’s aspirations for all UVM undergraduates.  General Education is the foundation of a transformative educational experience that prepares students to become accountable leaders who bring to their work dedication to the global community, a grasp of complexity, effective problem-solving and communication skills, and an enduring commitment to learning and ethical conduct.  General Education courses transcend disciplinary boundaries; they help students develop integrated competencies that are essential to lifelong learning and responsible citizenship.

UVM currently has four General Education requirements: Diversity, Foundational Writing and Information Literacy, Quantitative Reasoning, and Sustainability. To learn more about each of these requirements, use the menu button on the upper left to navigate this website.

Quantitative Reasoning

Provides undergraduates with instruction and practice in numeracy, symbolic problem-solving, and ways of understanding data visualizations critical for engaging in society.

Foundational Writing and Information Literacy

Provides undergraduates instruction and practice in reading, writing, and researching wide ranging texts for different situations, inside and outside of the academy.


Provides undergraduates with knowledge of the social, ecological, and economic dimensions of sustainability and the skills and values to address complex societal problems.


Provides undergraduates with the awareness, knowledge, and skills necessary to function productively in a complex global society.