If a UVM signature is required on a purchasing contract, Purchasing Services will arrange for signature by an official with a current delegation of signatory authority. In addition, consulting or professional services whose value is greater than $250,000 in aggregate requires approval by the Vice President for Finance & Administration or the President and the Board of Trustees. For more information, please refer to the Purchasing Thresholds, Requirements, and Approvals chart (PDF), Section 1 of the Contract Approval and Signatory Authority Policy (PDF), or the Purchasing Policy (PDF).

IT Contracts

IT-contract reviews are initiated by submitting a Contract Review Footprint

Non-IT Purchasing Contracts

Contracts for the purchase or lease of non-IT goods or services must be submitted to Purchasing Services for review through our Footprints system prior to execution. Non-IT contracts include service agreements, quotes, estimates, proposals, terms and condition documents, etc. Purchasing generally needs two to four weeks to review and approve a new pending contract, based on the volume of incoming contracts and the general procedure to review contracts as they are received. See the step-by-step user guide (PDF) for more information.

Speaker Engagements 

Consult the Speaker Engagement Template Procedures (PDF) and FAQs.

Services Agreements

Consult the Services Agreement Procedures (PDF) and FAQs.

Contact Purchasing Services

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