Home Delivery of Staples Orders 04/08/20

UVM is allowing home delivery of required supplies from Staples during Vermont's “Stay Home, Stay Safe” period. To set up a home delivery address, department Purcard holders should email requests to Cindy Kinney at Staples with the home addresses needed under the department account. Each ship-to address needs to be a separate order. Orders $50.00 and up will receive an instant 14% discount upon checkout. Small orders $20.00-$49.99 can be placed with no additional fee (or discount). Shipping on all orders is free.

All orders shipped to a home address will be reviewed and approved by Purchasing Services. Questions should be directed to Marie Bouffard.

Please remember that Staples is the University’s mandated office supplies provider.

Staples Business Advantage is UVM's mandated office supply provider.

Here are some contract highlights:

  • Small online orders $20.00-$49.99 can be placed with no additional fee (or discount)
  • Online orders $50.00 and up will receive an instant 14% discount upon checkout
  • 100% recycled copier paper price will remain the same at $32.50/case
  • Continued dedicated Account Representatives for UVM’s customer service needs
  • Deep discounts on UVM’s top 350 items most frequently purchased in previous years, including environmentally friendly green products

Three ways to place an order (contracted items provide the best pricing for UVM)

  1. Online - the preferred method. You must use your UVM PurCard when ordering online. To create an online account, contact a Staples representative above, and they will create a login and password for you after obtaining your information.
  2. Purchase orders - Purchase orders are used when a large order above UVM PurCard limits must be placed with Staples. Please provide a Staples quote for any purchase at this level. Contact a Staples representative above, and they will assist you in acquiring a quote.
  3. In-Store - Your UVM PurCard is not automatically registered for shopping at the local stores. Please be sure to register your PurCard for store purchasing with our Staples Customer Success Specialist to receive UVM's contracted discount pricing and tax-exempt status.


The University of Vermont is committed to purchasing recycled copy paper.
Stay green and save money by purchasing 100% recycled paper through our Staples contract.
Item #356829 @ $32.50/case.

Staples will refund your money if you are not satisfied with this product. Not only is it the best deal on paper, you'll help reduce the University's carbon footprint!

Delivery & Shipping Information

Departments are encouraged to place larger orders to help eliminate frequent deliveries.

Staples drivers deliver all Staples Advantage orders to offices on campus Monday - Wednesday and Friday.

Any discrepancy should be brought to the Staples representative's attention. If no one is available to sign for receipt, the container and order contents will be left.

Contact our Staples Advantage representatives (see above) with questions.

If your order has not been delivered, you can check on-line to determine if the shipment has shipped.


  • Computers may NOT be purchased using the office supply contract. Please contact the UVM Computer Depot.
  • Furniture may be purchased through the Business Interiors by Staples or other UVM contracted furniture suppliers.
  • Toner Cartridge Recycling: Staples accepts all used empty cartridges and toner for recycling regardless of brand. These can be given to your Staples driver the next time a delivery is made to your unit. Used empty cartridges and toner can also be sent via Campus Mail to UVM Recycling at 248 East Avenue. Please place in original packaging, if possible. Small items can be placed in campus Techno Trash bins. See UVM Recycling.

Any questions regarding the Office Supply Contract or procedures should be directed to Marie Bouffard at 656-8281.

Staples Advantage Representatives

Ann Marie Conklin
Strategic Account Leader

Cindy Kinney
Customer Success Specialist

General Customer Service at 877-826-7755