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Understanding the Schedule of Courses

Understanding the Schedule of Courses (effective Fall 2017)

Course Title Designations

D1 = Category 1 (Race and Racism in the U.S.) diversity course.

D2 = Category 2 (Human and Societal Diversity) diversity course.

QR = Course which meets quantitative reasoning general education requirement. For more information click here.

SL = Service-Learning. Service-Learning courses include a community-based project that is connected to course learning goals. For more information, and a complete list of service-learning courses at UVM, please click here.

SU = Course which meets sustainability learning outcomes requirement.

TAP = Teacher-Advisor Program. TAP is a writing-intensive elective program for first-year students in the College of Arts and Sciences that combines an interactive course environment with careful academic advising. For more information, please click here.

Section Codes

A, B, C, D, etc. = Course reserved for degree students until level restrictions are removed (mid-Dec for Spring registration and first Monday in August for Fall registration). Some sections open to Continuing and Distance Education students early: please check the section comment.

ZR (e.g., ZR1) = Continuing and Distance Education course reserved for CDE students even after level restrictions are removed (degree students may not enroll).

A01, A02, A03, etc. = Lab or recitation.

L01, L02, L03, etc. = Lab or recitation.

WW, WQ, or WC (e.g., WW1) = Winter Session.

Building Codes

Campus Map

31 SPR = Benedict House
479 MN = 479 Main Street
481 MN = 481 Main Street
617 MN = Johnson House
70S WL = 70 South Williams Street
AIKEN = Aiken Center
ALLEN = Allen House
BLLNGS = Billings Hall
COOK = Cook Physical Science Building
DELEHA = Delehanty Hall
DEWEY = Dewey Hall
DISCOV = Discovery Hall
FLEMIN = Fleming Museum
GIVN = Given Medical Complex
GIVN B = Given Medical Complex B
GIVN C = Given Medical Complex C
GIVN E = Given Medical Complex E
GUTRSN = Gutterson Field House
HARRIS = Harris Hall
HILLS = Hills Agricultural Science Building
HSRF = Health Science Research Facility
JEFFRD = James M. Jeffords Hall
JERCHO = Jericho Research Forest
KALKIN = Kalkin Building
L/L CM = Living/Learning Commons
L/L-A = Living/Learning A
L/L-B = Living/Learning B
L/L-D = Living/Learning D
LAFAYE = Lafayette Hall
MANN = Mann Hall
MARSH = Marsh Hall
MEDED = Larner Medical Education Center
ML SCI = Marsh Life Science
MORRIL = Morrill Hall
MRC = Miller Animal Research Complex
MRC-CO = Miller Animal Research Complex - Classrooms and Offices
MUSIC = Music Building
OLDMIL = Old Mill
OMANEX = Old Mill Annex
PATGYM = Patrick Gymnasium
PERKIN = Perkins Building
POMERO = Pomeroy Hall
ROWELL = Rowell Hall
RT THR = Royall Tyler Theatre
SOUTHW = Southwick Hall
STAFFO = Stafford Hall
TERRIL = Terrill Building
UHTN = University Heights North 1
UHTN23 = University Heights North 2 & 3
UHTS = University Heights South 1
UHTS23 = University Heights South 2 & 3
UVMMC = UVM Medical Center
VOTEY = Votey Hall
WATERM = Waterman Building
WHEELR = Wheeler House
WILLMS = Williams Hall

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