• Classroom Technology Services became part of Client Services in Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) on January 1st, 2019.  Andrew Horvat and Ryder Owens continue to work out of the Howe Library and provide the same services.  By providing them with a larger group of technology colleagues who have related skills and interests to support the needs of the University, this realignment will help achieve a strategic institutional and ETS imperative: “Help develop the Teaching & Learning Environment of the Future.”
    • Requests for assistance will now be directed first to the ETS Helpline.
  • We have new WolfVision Document Cameras going into approximately 25 classrooms over the next 6 months.
    • The new WolfVision document cameras have been installed in these classrooms:  Living/Learning 216; Fleming 101; Rowell 103 & 110; Votey 207; Hills 226, 228 and 234; Aiken 112; Old Mill Annex A202 and A207; Williams 402; Waterman 413, 429, and 456; and Stafford 101.
    • These new doc cams are connected to the systems via HDMI for a high-quality image.
    • They are very simple to use: select "Doc Cam" on the Touch Panel or "Extron Box" on the instructor's desk in the room, then raise the arm to turn it on, lower it to turn it off. If the arm is already up and the light is not on, just a quick press of the power button will fix that.
    • To learn more about the new document cameras, see the WolfVision VZ-3neo Visualizer overview
  • Look for computers to be replaced in approximately 35 classrooms this summer. This is part of our regular replacement cycle for these computers. The computers we remove still have a lot of life left in them and will be used as emergency spares for the classrooms and special projects that happen along the way. Check back often to see what else might be in the works for upgrades or improvements over the year!
  • The summer of 2015 brought new upgrades to 10 General Purpose Classrooms and one in the School of Nursing. The GP Classroom computers now all have a new image with Deep Freeze installed to help maintain the integrity of the computer for all instructors. You can find the links to learn more about this and which rooms will be upgraded on the Heads Up! section of our home page.
  • During the summer of 2013, all the old-style overhead Overhead-Laminate units and Kodak Slide Projectors were removed from the classrooms, thoroughly cleaned, and stored. They have become dust collectors and cup holders in most cases and were taking up valuable classroom space. If you find you do need one of these items for your class, they are now available as a "BYOD" (bring your own device) option. Just contact us to reserve one for the time you will need it.

News Flash

Rumors on Campus of the VHS Sunset. Yes, it's true!! They just don't make um any more. "Whatever shall I do with all my VHS tapes I use in class?" Never fear, you are not alone in asking this question. The CTS Team (well, a couple of them anyway) have fabricated a wonderful, marvelous machine! It will magically convert your poor, tired VHS tapes into, shall we say a more "hip" format! Bring your poor, your tired, your frazzled, your—you get the idea. Bring those outdated tapes down to Media Resources, on the ground floor of the Bailey/Howe Library, and we can get you started on transforming them into an up-to-date format that will be usable when that last VHS player is sent into analog history. Please remember, we have to watch out for copyright laws, so if you can buy the same tape in digital format that would be the best thing to do. No one will get into trouble that way. If you have any questions about the legal side of all this, check with the friendly folks in Media Resources.

Look At What's Been Happening!

Beginning in the summer of 2013 we have been busy replacing end-of-life-cycle projectors and computers as well as upgrading several rooms. This has been an ongoing process since last summer. Check back here often to see what's been done and what's happening in the future! You can also check out our Heads Up! section of our home page for all the latest news.

We've have weeded out old and obsolete equipment; removed, cleaned, and stored little-used equipment; and are bringing in new projectors and computers.

Wedding Out Old Stuff

Old Equipment

Cleaned and ready for storage


New projectors waiting to be installed.

New Projectors

Setting up the new computers to be installed in classrooms.

Imaging new computers