ETS Client Services offers no cost software support to all UVM Students, Faculty, and Staff (Retirees and Emeriti included).  We also have fully Apple and Dell certified repair services on campus to offer professional hardware repairs for in-warranty or out-of-warranty computers, whether they are owned by the University or by one of our Students, Faculty, or Staff.

COVID Changes:

We are changing our procedures on how we handle client support in our Clinic and Hardware repair center to maintain proper sanitizing, social distancing, and safety for our clients and ourselves.

Until further notice, these changes will supersede our normal operations. (Expand)

  • Carry-In support will now require an appointment. These appointments will be for dropping your computer off for support or repair only and you will not be allowed to remain with it. Should you miss your appointment, you will need to schedule a new one. To sign up for an appointment, please contact the UVM Helpline first at: 802-656-2604.
  • All clients MUST wear a face covering when entering our facility. If you are not wearing a face covering (either mask or face shield), we will not be permitted to allow you into our repair center, even with an appointment.
  • Please disinfect your computer prior to visiting us. You can find cleaning resources online for both Dell and Apple (our two supported brands). If you do not, then that will be the first thing that we do when checking in your computer.
  • Include a sheet of paper with your contact information, a clear description of the problem you are having with your system, any necessary administrator passwords, AND a clear written acknowledgement that you understand that any and all data may be lost and you are attesting that you either have a backup of your important information or are ok with data loss.
  • Data backup will not be possible prior to any service and it is your responsibility to take care of that before submitting for support.
  • All computer pickups after service will be scheduled by a technician and you will receive an email to your UVM email address with any and all communications.
  • Should your service not be covered by the manufacturer's warranty, it is our standard policy to inform you via email of any costs associated with service, so you have a clear idea on costs. It is also our standard policy to get your approval before we order any parts or proceed with repairs, and this communication will be exclusively done via email.
  • We sanitize all work surfaces between each computer that we work on, and we also make sure to clean and sanitize your computer before you pick it up.

We understand these are challenging times, and everyone is experiencing new and different stresses. We will not, however, tolerate rudeness or verbal abuse of any kind and reserve the right to refuse service and advise you to contact your computer manufacturer for support. The safety and well-being of our clients and ourselves are important to us. Your help in following our guidelines will help ensure we all remain healthy.

ETS Client Services provides IT assistance for devices and supported applications

  • Contact the Tech Team Help Line
    • 802-656-2604
  • Bring your device to the Tech Team Computer Clinic in i117 Ira Allen Chapel (map)
    • *Appointment REQUIRED - contact the Help Line to schedule an appointment
    • Check-in triage for initial diagnosis
    • A fully operational repair facility
    • Bring your computer to us, we'll help resolve your technology catastrophes.
  • Get Level 2 and Level 3 support by Client Services IT staff
    • Escalated problems from the Help Line
    • On-site visits when necessary

Hardware Team

The Client Services Hardware team is both an Apple Authorized Service Provider and a Dell Authorized Service Center.

Our technicians have a collective 60+ years of experience working on systems owned and operated by our students, staff, and faculty. We can perform hardware service ONLY on Dell Latitude, Optiplex, and XPS models, and on Apple laptops and desktops whether purchased from Apple directly or through the TechStore.

Phone: (802) 656-2939
Location: i117 Ira Allen Chapel (map)
Hardware Check-in available: see Tech Team Hours
Full repair services available: Monday – Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm.


The Client Services Hardware Team's primary mission is to the UVM community. This means that we only provide service to UVM affiliates. Non-affiliates, including parents, spouses and/or partners of affiliates, must locate service providers in their local communities.

  • Apple equipment that can be serviced through our facility is limited to laptops and desktops. Other Apple devices (iPad, iPod, iPhone, Watch, Apple TV, etc.) must be sent to Apple by the customer directly by contacting Apple Support.
  • Dell equipment that can be serviced through our facility is limited to Latitude, XPS (sold through the Techstore only), and OptiPlex systems (including components purchased with a qualifying system), and Dell-branded monitors. Repair of all other models of Dell equipment should be initiated through Dell Support.
  • ETS Client Services is NOT responsible for any data loss due to any service procedure. The user is totally responsible for any and all necessary backup of important data, regardless of whether actual hardware repairs are necessary or not. The customer will agree to this, or that they have already backed up their data, or that they do not need any data backed up (and will assume responsibility for any loss).
  • ETS Client Services is NOT responsible for any accessories or extraneous hardware left with the computer system or device unless it is immediately necessary to troubleshoot the presented problem. Plastic covers, cases, keyboard covers, cables, etc., are all the sole responsibility of the owner and UVM will not be held accountable for loss or damage during any service procedure. AC adapters checked in with the computer will be recorded in the Work Order at the time of check-in.
  • The Client Services Hardware Team will NOT work on, or accept a service request for, any equipment exposed to bodily fluids, regardless of warranty status. This is for the safety of our technicians and the greater UVM community. Should the customer's equipment require service, it will be the responsibility of the customer to request service directly from the manufacturer.
  • Should the customer's computer require one or more parts for a repair, the Hardware Team will contact the customer via the supplied information first with an estimate for the repair cost (parts, parts shipping, and labor) to get the device up and going again. Should the part and/or repair be covered under the manufacturer's warranty or accidental protection plan, then we will continue with repairs.
  • Any parts replaced under the manufacturer's warranty may be new or refurbished parts, provided by the manufacturer and are covered by the manufacturer's part warranty or for the remainder of the device's warranty, whichever is longer.
  • Any parts replaced for non-warranty work may be new or refurbished parts, and will carry a 30-day labor-only warranty in addition to a repair-part warranty provided by the manufacturer/vendor. Parts will be sourced from the original manufacturer if possible within the best interests of our customers.
  • We request ALL equipment be picked up from our repair center within 30 days of notification of repair completion. Any equipment left past 30 days, without prior written agreement, will incur storage charges ($5 per business day) that will be added to the bill and payable on equipment pickup. If the customer cannot be reached or fails to pick up the equipment in question within 45 total days, then it will be considered abandoned. Once the equipment is considered abandoned, then it becomes the property of Client Services and the University, to be used as spare parts or electronic waste for disposal/recycling.
  • Not all services are covered under manufacturers' warranties or damage protection plans. Some examples are (but not limited to): software problems, preventative maintenance, intentional damage, loss of data or use, "no trouble found" situations. Accidental damage coverage is determined by the terms and conditions of said plan, and each manufacturer solely defines that coverage. The University is not responsible in any way for warranties or coverage of any equipment. It is the owner's responsibility to know the details, terms, and conditions of their warranty.

Services and Fees

The Hardware Team charges fees for the following services:

  • repairs not covered by warranty
  • new hardware or software installation
  • out-of-warranty repairs
  • other conditions as noted and quoted at the time of service.

Our standard labor rate for non-covered repairs and services is $76 per hour with a minimum charge of half an hour. The list below reflects ballpark estimates. Exact quotes for parts, labor, and shipping (if necessary) will be provided once a full assessment can be performed.

Hardware Diagnostics

  • Run a full set of manufacturer-provided scans
  • Perform internal and external visual inspections to help determine the potential cause of reported symptoms
  • 30 min - 1 hour
  • $38 - $76

Part Upgrades / Installations

  • Install upgrade components such as RAM (memory), hard drives, solid-state drives (SSDs), video cards, etc.
  • 30 min - 2 hours
  • $38 - $152

Out of Warranty service

  • Hardware repair of systems no longer covered by manufacturer's warranty (parts costs and shipping quoted separately)
  • 1 hour +
  • $76 +

Repair storage fee

  • Hardware repairs left longer than 30 days will incur storage fees beginning on the 31st day, and will be ongoing until the equipment is picked up or considered abandoned
  • $5 per business day beyond initial 30 calendar days

Customer Agreement


By checking in computer devices for repair, the Customer acknowledges:

While Client Services and the Computer Carry-in Clinic take data backup and loss prevention very seriously, neither entity is held responsible for any data loss that may occur once a device is checked in for service. Reasonable effort will be made to minimize the chance of data loss and, if possible, the Customer will be given the option to back up their data.

Client Services is not responsible for any other hardware failure that may occur while the device is in our possession during normal use and repair. Client Services does its best to identify failed components, but other parts may fail or manifest as failed during the repair process. Client Services will notify the Customer of their options, but cannot be held responsible for repairing or replacing failed components at the University's expense.

Client Services takes precautionary steps to protect any computer equipment left in our care from loss or damage, even during transit to and from the repair facility. The Customer agrees not to hold Client Services liable for loss, theft, or damage to the device or any of the equipment/accessories left with the device.

Client Services requires that all equipment be picked up from our repair center within 30 days of notification of repair completion. Client Services will use Customer-supplied contact information to make repeated attempts to contact the Customer, roughly once per week. Any equipment left past 30 days, without prior written agreement, will incur storage charges of $5 per business day that will be added to the bill and payable on equipment pickup. If the Customer cannot be reached or fails to pick up the equipment with 45 total days, then it will be considered abandoned. Once the equipment is considered abandoned, it then becomes the property of Client Services, and the University, to be used as spare parts or electronic waste for disposal/recycling.

Should the Customer not agree to the terms and conditions listed above, service for failed hardware may be obtained directly from the manufacturer. Such service may incur fees and expenses which will be the responsibility of the Customer to pay under the terms and conditions of the equipment manufacturer.