These are guidelines by which ETS administers (UVM netid) accounts on UVM's academic host cluster. These guidelines will continue to evolve to accommodate changing technology, Internet culture, and client and university goals. They may or may not be accepted and applied on other servers and hosts that are managed in other areas across the campus.

Former students retain access to Banner for transcripts but lose webmail, zoo account space and all other UVM services beginning one year after their affiliation with UVM ends

CategoryEligibility & Acceptable UsesExpires
Undergrad StudentFull and part-time.

Accepted and paid for the upcoming semester.

One year after program completion, unless any of the following conditions apply.

If the last SIS status is:

  • Study Abroad: keep
  • Leave of Absence: One year after the last date enrolled
  • Withdrawn: remove as soon as possible
  • Dismissed: remove as soon as possible
  • Suspended: remove as soon as possible
  • Canceled: remove as soon as possible

Note: Withdrawn, Dismissed, Suspended, and Cancelled follow the rule for use of UVM facilities, which is that no use is allowed.

Grad StudentSame as UndergraduatesSame as Undergraduates
AlumniNo account (except as above)Alumni retain access to Banner for transcripts 
Former students (completed one class or more)No account (except as above)Former students retain access to Banner for transcripts 
Continuing Education Student (non-degree)Taking at least one credit (so appear in SIS)One year after the last course
CE noncredit (e.g. Conferences & Institutes)At least two weeks duration with at least 15 contact hours and instructor requires the use of emailOne month after the end of class
CE teaching accountsProtocol negotiated with CEOngoing, under CE's responsibility. Password reset after the last class session.
FacultyFull and part-time (paid or unpaid)

See also "Research - funded" below

One year after termination
EmeritusWith retiree UVM IDLifetime
StaffFull and part-time (paid or unpaid)

Income/expense can use the account for any purpose as long as in compliance with the Account Usage Agreement

See also "Research - funded" below

One year after termination
RetireeWith retiree UVM ID or by special agreementLifetime
VolunteerIf the account is in UVM's best interest (e.g. Email, Internet)As long as a volunteer. The host department must renew the account on a yearly basis.
TrusteeCurrent BOT memberFor the duration of the term
Medical ResidentMemo or file from Med. Dean's officeWhile a resident
Clinical appointmentMemo or file from Med. Dean's officeFor the duration of the appointment
Visiting ScholarVisiting faculty on sabbaticalOne month after the end of the program
Department or OrganizationFor e-mail or publishing (e.g., WWW). For any use within standard quota, except funded research. See separate policy for detailed rules.

Multiple persons can log in; one person responsible for all use

No expiration. The host department is responsible for notifying Identity and Account Management of changes in authorized users.
Research - FundedPrefer researcher use own account; charge for disk usage over standard quota

- CIT will create a separate research account for each grant; charge for all disk allocated; multiple persons can log in; PI responsible for all use

Personal account: expiration follows rules for faculty & staff accounts

Separate account: expiration set at creation time to expire at end of the current fiscal year; renewal on an FY basis and dependent on grant