Enterprise Technology Services Leadership

The ETS leadership is dedicated to the delivery of the highest quality central IT infrastructure and support that the university can offer. Our teams are ready to help meet the IT needs of students, faculty & staff, and departments.

Simeon Ananou head shot

Simeon Ananou

Chief Information Officer

Dr. T. Simeon Ananou, an advocate and a champion of digital transformation for more than 20 years, became Chief Information Officer for the University of Vermont in July 2018. He is responsible for all areas of information technology at the institution, where he engages with the campus community to position IT as a strategic asset toward advancing the university’s goals.

Contact Info

109 South Prospect Street
(802) 656-5598

Administrative Assistant

Sharon McMullen
(802) 656-5598


Julia Russell

Associate Chief Information Officer
Acting Information Security Officer, Information Security Office (ISO) | Identity and Account Management (IAM)

Julia has been at UVM for 25 years in a variety of IT-related roles, working in offices as diverse as Sponsored Programs Administration, Financial Analysis & Budgeting, the PeopleSoft implementation, the Business Process Re-engineering Team, and, of course, ETS.  What she has enjoyed most about all of these roles is getting to learn what makes the University tick, and how technology can help it work even better.  Julia has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and math, a master’s in business administration, and a doctorate in educational leadership and policy studies.

Contact Info

Waterman 113
(802) 656-4063


Waterman 234
(802) 656-2006
ISO:  iso@uvm.edu
IAM:  iam@uvm.edu


Andrew Gingras

Director, Client Services

Andy Gingras has been at the head of service departments throughout his UVM career. Starting as director of the "Depot," the de facto source for personal computer products at UVM as an authorized reseller and service provider, Andy is now director of Client Services. He has overseen the development and operation of the Computer Clinic, which includes the Help Line, Carry-In Center, and Hardware Service in one location. He leads a highly skilled team of IT professionals who provide desktop computing support to UVM students, faculty, staff, and departments, as well as collaboration within ETS and with our distributed IT partners in colleges and departments.

Waterman 238B
(802) 656-8529

Rachel Seremeth

Director, Enterprise Application Systems & Database Administration

Waterman 113
(802) 656-6669

Mike Austin head shot

Mike Austin

Director, Systems Architecture & Administration

Mike Austin has 25 years of expertise running mission-critical IT infrastructure at UVM. Mike has a degree in Computer Science from UVM and started his career as a student employee in UVM's central IT organization. Mike has a passion for leading a great team of professionals who build scalable, reliable, and secure IT systems and services that meet campus needs and enhance UVM's research, scholarship, and administration.

Waterman 238
(802) 656-8785

Randy Spooner

Director, Telecommunications & Network Services

Southwick Complx, Rm 104B
(802) 656-9989