Frequently Asked Questions

What type of access do I have to my @uvm email account?
Retired UVM faculty maintain access to their UVM account and to emails saved in the account, recognizing that any Non-Public Protected Data (NPPD) contained therein continues to be protected by UVM's Privacy and Information Security Policies and Information Security Procedures, and the account owner is bound to follow protective prescriptions, which may change over time. Additionally, the account is subject to any potential investigations, litigation holds, or legal discovery of emails.
What other access to UVM electronic services should I expect to have?
You have access to HR-related documents and information through PeopleSoft. You also have access to UVM Libraries resources.
Why are some of my emeriti colleagues able to join MS Teams meetings but I cannot?
Licenses for Microsoft 365 services such as Teams have a per-user cost to UVM. To be responsible with UVM funds, non-active affiliation types are not licensed. However, emeriti and other retired faculty who are not employed by UVM can request access to Teams on an individual basis. To make a request, please Submit a Help Request.
Why can I no longer access myUVM?
MyUVM is for active students, faculty, and employees. Prospective students and former students also have access to MyUVM for the purpose of retrieving academic records. All services that retired faculty and administrative officers have access to are available without myUVM access. In such cases, retired faculty and administrative officers can access PeopleSoft by going to, or Banner by going to
What software is available to retired and emeriti faculty?
Active affiliates as counted by our IPEDS (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System) data are used for software licensing. Most vendors restrict our licenses to current students, faculty, and staff. If you have an active research role and your department sponsors your access through the HR system, you will be able to access UVM software for that research.
Who should I contact for technical support?
UVM's Tech Team will make best-effort software support. See Tech Team Contact Info.
UVM does not offer hardware support to non-active or non-sponsored affiliates.
How do I gain access to resources listed in the UVM Software Portal?
Currently, these resources are available only to active students, faculty, and staff.