Course Teams Update for Winter/Spring 2022

Course teams for Winter and Spring 2022 terms will be created starting Monday, December 6th.

As the Fall semester ends and the Winter session approaches, we want to share our plans for creating and managing course-based teams within Microsoft Teams. We have tried to align our approach to course teams with the lifecycle of Blackboard course sites, but because these are very different technologies, some implementation details will differ.

We will continue to create Microsoft...

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IT Shared Services: Fall 2021 Update

Our sincere gratitude to our key partners throughout the university who are contributing their time and their expertise in support of our goal of guaranteeing baseline IT services to all members of the UVM community.

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IT Shared Services: August 2021 Update

I am pleased to share some important updates about the overall evolution of our IT Shared Services, particularly about the IT Services Hubs and the IT services available to you at UVM. I also want to acknowledge the contributions of many members of the UVM community whose suggestions and hard work continue to guide our IT Shared Services journey in the right direction.

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