Disposal of Surplus Computers and Electronic Waste "Clean Media" Labels

Once a computer has had its hard disk drives securely erased, or removed for destruction, it should be affixed with a "Clean Media" label to indicate it is clean and ready to be recycled.

 Certified Clean Media to be Recycled Label - see caption for further description
Label reads 'Certified Clean Media to be Recycled' including cleaned by, dept, date, and program/method used

Labels are sized to fit on Avery® 5163 2" x 4" shipping mailing labels, but can also be printed to paper, cut, and taped to the computer.

Dimensions of Avery 5163 Labels are 2 by 4 inches and ten per 8.5 by 11 inch sheet
An example of the Avery 5163 Labels showing page and label dimenstions