UVM email and calendar will be transitioning to Microsoft 365 cloud services over the summer. FULL STORY >>

All current students, staff, and faculty with active UVM NetIDs have access to UVM's Microsoft Exchange service. Exchange is a robust, enterprise-class messaging and collaboration solution that integrates email and calendar functionality.

Note:  by October 2023, all mail accounts will be transitioned to Microsoft 365 cloud services.  As we progress, we will update the details below about Exchange to reflect the M365 change.

Be Part of the UVM Community! Sharing Files with other people at UVM is much easier when you use your uvm.edu account. Your account is also tied into our Directory services, making it easy for others to find your email address.

You may choose how you'd like your e-mail address to appear in the UVM Directory, as Firstname.Lastname@uvm.edu or as netid@uvm.edu. You can edit your options at the Directory Account Admin page.

Here are our top reasons to use UVM email:

Check Your UVM Email from Anywhere with a Web Browser

You can check your mail anywhere in the world using UVM's Outlook on the Web (OWA). Our UVM Exchange server is constantly being updated and upgraded for security and adding new features.

Check Your UVM Email with Outlook

With Exchange, you can check your mail on multiple computers and devices using many different programs to access the same mail. Outlook can be utilized on either Macs or PCs to manage your email locally. Because your email is redundantly protected on UVM servers, should something happen to your device or computer your email will be safe—assuming your Outlook email program is properly configured. To configure your email software, see our Add a UVM email account to your device Knowledge Base article. No matter how you check your mail, you will see the same inbox and the same list of folders. Contact the UVM Tech Team or call (802) 656-2604 for more information.

Automatic Replies for Vacation, Leave, Sabbatical, etc.

If you go on vacation, leave, or a semester abroad, you can set your account up to automatically respond to any email that is sent to you, with any message of your choosing. You can set this up on your Outlook software application or Outlook on the Web (OWA).

Generous Email Quotas

Each UVM Exchange account is allocated 50 GB for email and calendar data. See our Exchange Storage Quota Knowledge Base article for more information. Contact Identity and Account Management at iam@uvm.edu or (802) 656-2006 if you need more space for more than a few days.

Spam Email Management

UVM uses the software Proofpoint to filter spam being sent to your mailbox.  The software is automatically updated and maintained with machine learning keep up to date with the constantly evolving techniques of the spammers to keep as much junk out of your inbox as possible.

Messages flagged by the software will have their subject prepended with [SPAM?:**********] or [SPAM - DEFINITE] and be delivered to your Junk folder.  This folder should be checked routinely for messages inadvertently marked as spam so they are not missed.

UVM is constantly working to reduce the amount of unwanted email in your inbox and we have advanced tools to assist with this. See our Spam and Phishing Knowledge Base article for more information.

Central Virus Scanning

All email going in or out of the uvm.edu cluster is automatically scanned for viruses. If a virus is found in an attachment, our server removes the attachment, replacing it with a file called DELETED00.TXT. You should still have up-to-date antivirus software running on your computer, but this offers even more protection.

Recover Deleted Email

Messages are retained and backed up in two different ways at UVM.

User self-service recovery:

If you accidentally delete an email folder or messages, you can recover them from your Deleted Items (Trash) folder for 3 months.  After 3 months, or if you use Shift+Delete, messages are “permanently” deleted. They can still be restored using the "Recover Deleted Items" feature in mail.uvm.edu, or the "Recover deleted messages from the server option" in Outlook for Windows, for an additional 3 months from the time they were permanently deleted. Therefore, you have a total of 6 months of retention where you can recover items yourself.  See our Recover Deleted Email Knowledge Base article for instructions.

Administrative Recovery:

All uvm.edu email is also backed up every 4 hours and saved for 2 weeks on an independent system.  A complete copy of your mailbox as it existed at the time of backup can be recovered. The message or folder must have been on the server during the backup to be recovered.  This type of recovery can only be performed by an exchange administrator and should be reserved for critical cases of lost data. If you need this service, please Submit on Online Help Request.

Local Support

If you have any questions about your uvm.edu account or email at UVM, you can Submit an Online Help Request, email the UVM Tech Team's Helpline, or call them at (802) 656-2604. The Tech Team can help you to use your UVM email effectively or to get support for any other UVM IT need.