Electronic tools are the first choice for building and exchanging information. These tools must allow easy, reliable access to data, documents, and communication.

Below is a list of computer applications that Enterprise Technology Services recommends and supports. Most of these applications, along with other advanced applications, are available for use in the computing facilities in the Waterman Building, the Howe Library, and other labs around campus.

All the recommended applications will run on new computers available for purchase from the UVM Techstore in the Bookstore.


Essential Software

These applications comprise the recommended productivity applications for Windows and macOS computers. They include business applications, communications and internet tools, and virus protection.

Legend:   macOS App  |  Windows App  |  Web App

  • Office Suite: Microsoft Office
  • Email: Microsoft Outlook[1]   |  UVM Outlook on the Web (OWA)  |  Apple Mail
  • Word Processing: Microsoft Word[1] 
  • Spreadsheets: Microsoft Excel[1] 
  • Presentations: Microsoft PowerPoint[1] 
  • Web Browser: Microsoft Edge  |  Internet Explorer  |  Google Chrome  |  Mozilla Firefox  |  Safari
  • Antivirus: Windows Defender (built into Windows 8 and higher) See Microsoft Windows 10 Security.
  • Database: Microsoft Access[1]   |  FileMaker Pro

[1] Included in Office

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How to Obtain Essential Software

The University of Vermont has licensed many software packages and provides them at a reduced price or for free to UVM affiliates. Below, we've listed sources for commonly used software. A complete list of UVM software licenses is available on our Software page.

Microsoft Office

  • Departments:
    • Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) provides UVM with the most current versions of Microsoft Office and Windows to UVM-owned computers.
    • Microsoft Select Agreement allows departments (and students) to purchase licenses for other Microsoft products at a reduced cost.
  • Students, Faculty, and Staff:


  • Microsoft Outlook is included in Microsoft Office (see above).
  • Apple Mail is integrated with macOS and is installed on all Macs.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird is available—though no longer recommended—from Mozilla. Thunderbird does not support Exchange features (calendaring, server-based address book, notes, rules, etc.), though it can be used as an IMAP email client with UVM.

Web Browser

  • Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer are installed on all MS Windows computers.
  • Safari is installed on all Apple Mac computers.
  • Google Chrome is available for download from Google.
  • Mozilla Firefox is available for download from Mozilla.


  • UVM does not currently provide antivirus software.

FileMaker Pro:

  • FileMaker Pro is available for departments at discounted academic pricing from FileMaker's Volume Licensing program. Discounts start at 1 unit. Contact a Volume Licensing representative (email link), or 800-725-2747 Mon - Fri, 5 am - 5 pm PT. FileMaker Pro for personal use is available at reduced academic prices from the Apple Store.

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Network Connectivity Software

File transfer, Shell access, Virtual Private Network

  • Terminal SSH — Included in the macOS.
  • PuTTY SSH — Free for educational use.
  • FileZilla SFTP — Free for use (open source) through the GNU General Public License.
  • Fetch SFTP — Free for educational use. UVM Software Portal or Managed Software Center on managed computers
  • Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client — University licensed. UVM Software Portal, Software Center on managed computers

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Advanced and Specialized Applications

Today's computers are capable of running applications that perform complex manipulations of images, facilitate statistical analysis, and do much more. The following recommended applications are complex and may require specific skills or additional learning. UVM does not license all of the programs listed; the software manufacturer may require a software license


Statistics & Mathematics

  • SAS
  • SPSS
  • R and RStudio
  • Stata
  • GraphPad Prism
  • JMP
  • Mathematica
  • NVivo

See The ETS Licensed Software Page for details.

Image Editing

  • Adobe Photoshop — Purchase of license is required
  • IrfanView — Free
  • Photos — Free


  • Adobe Illustrator — Purchase of license is required

Web Editing

  • Adobe Dreamweaver — Purchase of license is required
  • Drupal for departmental websites — Free
  • Wordpress for students, faculty, and staff — Free

Bibliography and Manuscript

Music & Internet Radio Listening


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New UVM Software Portal

All UVM students, faculty, and staff are able to remotely access a number of software packages anytime and anywhere and on any device by visiting software.uvm.edu

UVM Software Portal

Powered by AppsAnywhere, this new service is a replacement of the UVM software download site and improves upon the previous delivery method in several key ways:

  • By logging into the site with your UVM NetID, the service will determine which software should be accessible to you based on your role at UVM (whether you should receive the instructor or student versions of software, for example).
  • It takes your device, operating system, and location into consideration when determining which software to make available to you and how to deliver it so that it runs effectively.
  • Software that was typically only provided in campus computer labs can be made accessible to you remotely (even if it’s Windows software and you’re using a Mac). The list of available options will grow as we develop this service.

One of the greatest benefits of this new software portal is that it allows the user to launch or download software simply by clicking on the software title. Additionally, the features of the portal are easy to use and we encourage all members of the UVM community to visit the software portal. Log in with your UVM NetID and password, and then browse the list of software in the "Available" tab.

More information

Wondering why some software is showing up as “Unavailable” to you? Need software you don’t see on your list? Read our AppsAnywhere Knowledge Base article for more information about this service, for help troubleshooting any issues, and to submit a software request form.