Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Automatic IP addressing at UVM

This page provides access to the following diagnostic information, instructions and
operational functions of the DHCP Server:

  • All areas served by the UVM's DHCP system must follow these rules regarding IP address assignment:
  • IP address assignment at the University of Vermont is the sole responsibility of Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) or those individuals or groups granted authority for their subnets.
  • No fixed addresses (hardcodes) will be allowed without prior authorization from the DHCP IP Address Authority (email link).
  • Authorization will only be granted in the specific instances that require fixed addresses.  Systems or devices with DNS table entries, Servers (application, file, web, etc.), IP based printers, and print devices fall into this category.  Any fixed address requires a contact person to be named as the responsible party for that device.
  • Any unauthorized fixed address is a violation of UVM's Computer Usage Policy (PDF) and can result in the termination of access to the campus network.


General Information

The client enters a network in an initializing state and broadcasts a discover message on the IP network. The message is then relayed by the BOOTP relay agent and eventually delivered to the DHCP server for processing. The DHCP server responds to the client request with an offer message that consists of an available IP address and configuration information. The client then binds the IP address to the TCP/IP stack and restarts the protocol initialization.

This is the same as BOOTP however, the IP address may not always be the same, it just happens to be available. The server tries to use the same IP address each time a client makes a request.  The address is leased for a period of time to the client at which point it must be renewed or released.  The client can continue using a lease for its full duration even if the client cannot contact the DHCP server.

For more information, see our Internet Address Assignment (DHCP) Service Catalog page.