A round fishbowl with red goldfish
The UVM Phishbowl is designed to help members of UVM’s community identify phishing scams and report suspicious emails. A phishing scam is an attempt to steal your UVM credentials (your NetID and password) or other important personal information.

Below are emails that have been reported by the UVM community. A red X means it’s a scam, and the smiling green fish means it’s safe.

  • If you've received an email that seems suspicious and you don't find it here, please forward it with its headers intact to abuse@uvm.edu for review by the Information Security Office.
  • If you have spam (i.e., unsolicited commercial email that does not appear to target your personal information) that has eluded our spam filtering system (a false negative), please forward it with its headers intact to is-spam@uvm.edu.
  • Likewise, if you see a legitimate message in your Junk Email folder (a false positive), please forward it with its headers intact to not-spam@uvm.edu.

For more information about UVM's anti-spam, anti-malware, anti-phishing service, please see our Proofpoint Spam Filter Knowledge Base article.

"Careful, it's important" - received September 20, 2023

If you received this email, you'll notice it appears to be sent from your own account. It isn't, actually - it is unfortunately very easy to spoof the from address on emails. Normally, these are caught by our spam filters, but this one seems to have gotten through to a few folks. If you did receive it, don't worry, your data has not actually been compromised and this email can be safely discarded.

overdue fee phishing scam


"Congratulations On Your Scholarship" - received August 16, 2023

Unfortunately, this scholarship is not real - another attempt at getting users' financial information. 

"Change Payment Method !!" - received August 15-16, 2023

This is a scam email trying to get your financial info. Always check the link before clicking and avoid any non-UVM links for anything like this.
'UVM' phishing scam

"You have WON !!" - received August 13, 2023

If you ever receive an email telling you you've won something, probably safe to assume it's a scam. This one sure is.

"Data Entry Executive Assistant Bookkeeper For Student (WORK$STUDY)" - received August 11

These job scams are constant. If you ever receive an email reaching out to you about a job for $x/weekly and it sounds too good to be true - it is. Just assume any email reaching out to you about a job unprompted, from an unrecognized sender is a scam.

"URGENT: Submit Document !!" - received August 13, 2023

This extremely vague email is a scam. When an email is this vague but exclaiming it's urgent/critical/required, always good to be suspicious and forward to abuse@uvm.edu instead of clicking the link.

Dear Students, Work at your convenience and earn $450 weekly. It's a flexible part-time job.

"Overdue Bill Letter", "Overdue Notice Letter!" - received August 3-4, 2023

Again trying to worry you with overdue fees. This one is not legitimate.

Always be wary of emails asking you for money and check the URL they're sending you to before clicking (UVM should only be sending you to uvm.edu addresses for this sort of thing).

"AOTC Education Credit Funds" - received July 23, 2023

Hey that's not a .gov URL! And wait - is the signature implying UVM is a department in the IRS? 

Well, this one is unfortunately definitely a scam.



LEGITIMATE - "Your key audit is OVERDUE"

This is a legitimate email from the Division of Safety and Compliance - The key audit is a critical exercise that requires your response. If you have received this email, please complete the survey right away!

legitimate key audit email

""******URGENT******", "******CAMPUS ANNOUNCEMENT******, ******INFORMATION******" - received July 18-19, 2023

Two different phishing emails from the same scammers, using different tactics to try to get your UVM credentials and/or financial information.



You've seen this one before - don't worry, you don't have an overdue fee, and if you did, UVM would not ask you to enter your NetID and password or payment information in a non-uvm.edu website to resolve the issue.

'uvm fee failed' phish

"VIRTUAL INTERNSHIP PROGRAM" - received June 28th, 2023

Here's an example of "From: address spoofing" - it appears to come from "HRInfo@uvm.edu", but the email's headers reveal that it originates from an address in Australia. This technique is widespread and difficult to prevent - when you receive this type of message, please forward it as an attachment to is-spam@uvm.edu, which will help train our spam filter to better identify this sort of scam in the future.

This email contained a PDF as an attachment, which featured UVM's tower logo and some credible looking language. It's an opener for financial fraud - it asks you to email a GMail address to pursue an internship opportunity. UVM staff will not ask you to email non-uvm.edu email addresses to conduct UVM business.

virtual internship program phish

"Overdue Bill 37-0240558" - received June 28, 2023

Another continuation of the ongoing to campain to steal personal financial information, this one uses a hosting site we haven't seen in awhile (we've asked them to take down the site immediately).

overdue bill phishing sample

"Now Hiring $30.55/HR !!!" - received June 27, 2023

Too good to be true? Yes!

'now hiring' phish sample


"Fund Disbursement Deposit!!" - received June 20-21

Similar to previous attempts, this email is trying to steal financial info by trying to trick you into thinking UVM needs your credit card info to send you money. Always check that URL (this one obviously does not link to a uvm.edu site) and be wary of entering financial info even when you might be expecting something similar.

"Monkeypox Virus Contact Tracing Support Requested" - received June 18

This phishing scam is using a scare tactic capitalizing on pandemic related fears. (Ugh.)

"UVM Card Locked!!" - received June 15, 2023

Not my UVM Card!! 

That's nothing. This is another financial scam, please delete this email if you find one (or anything similar) in your inbox.


"FUND DISBURSEMENT PDF 2023" - received June 12, 2023

University of Vermont did not, in fact, send you a fund disbursement - this is another scam.