A round fishbowl with red goldfish
The UVM Phishbowl is designed to help members of UVM’s community identify phishing scams and report suspicious emails. A phishing scam is an attempt to steal your UVM credentials (your NetID and password) or other important personal information.

Below are emails that have been reported by the UVM community. A red X means it’s a scam, and the smiling green fish means it’s safe.

  • If you've received an email that seems suspicious and you don't find it here, please forward it with its headers intact to abuse@uvm.edu for review by the Information Security Office.
  • If you have spam (i.e., unsolicited commercial email that does not appear to target your personal information) that has eluded our spam filtering system (a false negative), please forward it with its headers intact to is-spam@uvm.edu.
  • Likewise, if you see a legitimate message in your Junk Email folder (a false positive), please forward it with its headers intact to not-spam@uvm.edu.

For more information about UVM's anti-spam, anti-malware, anti-phishing service, please see our Proofpoint Spam Filter Knowledge Base article.

"KEEP SAME PASSWORD" - received January 17, 2022

Several recent phish have led you to a Google Doc - just because Google is hosting it, doesn't mean it's safe.


"EMAIL UPDATE REQUIRED!!" - received November 22, 2021

This phish is pretty well-designed! It was sent using a compromised UVM account, includes the Tower logo, and leads to a copy of our single sign-on page (though not the current version of it). The web address in the link gives it away though - 000webhostapp.com is not uvm.edu. And, as always, any email that seeks to cause fear, uncertainty, and doubt deserves a closer look.


<no subject> - received November 9, 2021

Here's a phish that tries to exploit the COVID-19 pandemic and the the hardships it has brought for students. As always, be skeptical!

COVID-19 phish

"Update" - received Octoer 22, 2021

Not to worry! We're not 'closing all old version of our Mailbox', nor would we direct you to weebly.com for any account management tasks.

"Update" phish

<no subject> - received October 12, 2021

Lots of red flags here, obviously. Regardless of anything else that is happening with the message, make sure to check the target web address first by hoving your mouse over the link.

<no subject> phish

"Employment Job Placement & Student Services" - received August 25, 2021

The Bad Guys know its the beginning of the semester too - they love to capitalize on periods of transition or stress when you might have your guard down. Be especially wary of job offers this time of year.

Job Placement phish

"UVM NEWSLETTER!!!" - received August 24, 2021

We've seen this one before, back on July 2nd. It's same nonsensical content, leveraging a compromised UVM account, leading you to click on a Google Doc that seeks to steal your NetID credentials.


We receive a request to terminate campus email! - received August 14, 2021

Attackers are savvy about our calendar, and know that you're most likely to respond to a social engineering attack when you're stressed or distracted. The start of a new semester is a great time to catch college students, faculty, and staff unawares! This one leveraged a compromised UVM to evade our spam filtering, but as always, you can tell if it's real by hovering your mouse over the link to make sure it will bring you to a uvm.edu address - this one doesn't.

email termination phish

"Work remotely this fall! (Personal Assistant Position)" and other job scams - received August 14, 2021

Received a great-sounding, unsolicited job offer? Be skeptical and double-check the legitimacy of the offer before providing any personal information.

job offer phish


"New Web Access | PLEASE READ" - received August 13, 2021

The flood of phishing continues, some making more of an effort than others...

'new web access' phish

'Uvm Career Search Broadcast!' - received July 27, 2021

As always, 'too good to be true' is exactly that. Always be skeptical of unsolicited job offers, no matter the source!

Uvm Career Search Broadcast! phish

<no subject> - received July 26, 2021

Worried that "Your mailbox storage" is filling up? Just make sure you're going to the real mail.uvm.edu to clean it out. How to tell this warning is a fake? The link doesn't point to uvm.edu, that's how!

<no subject> phish